3 Secrets to Make Your Business Shine Online


Article by Kimberly Manning

Make Your Business Shine Online

Make Your Business Shine Online

Business is like the solar system. It’s a vast expanse of space, galaxies of prospective clients, complex networks and occasional black holes. As an entrepreneur you need to find – and reach -- your orbit in order to be a star in business.

Your success in business depends on how far you’re willing to reach. Want to reach your orbit and soar? Here are 3 secrets to blasting off. 

You Are the Sun!

The Sun is the hub of a solar system and you are the Sun of your business system. To be successful you need to know the gifts you share through your business and, equally important, you need to understand YOU. Honor your personal energy style, your strengths and the areas where you need support. 

The authentic you is what radiates out into the universe. A successful entrepreneur must be in integrity with her values. If you’re out of alignment with who you are at your core, everything about business can be a struggle. Be true to you.

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Who’s in Your Galaxy?

You need to know who inhabits your solar system, aka your target clients, your tribe, your niche. Who are these people? What turns them on (and off)? Do you know what apps they have on their smartphone? You’ve got to know them in order to serve them. 

What is the challenge that you help them solve? Your livelihood lies at the intersection of where your business meets their needs. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, You’re the Star.

You can’t have much of a business if you don’t get the word out. Exposure in the form of a website, blog, social media presence, speaking gigs and old-fashioned PR are how to sparkle and shine in your industry. Once you’ve created your stellar brand, spread the love.

Choose 3 outlets through which you’ll promote your business and concentrate on those. Be sure these resonate with your prospective peeps – and you.

You need to be consistent and persistent with your outreach. If an outlet isn’t a fit for you or your tribe, pick something else. Here’s an example of how, by getting out there, you can reach the moon: Post to your Blog every Tuesday, add Facebook posts six days a week and do speaking gigs twice a month. Maintain a schedule and your efforts to sparkle and shine will pay off.

Entrepreneurship is about reaching higher. Prepare for your mission by getting really clear on who you are, who you serve and how and where you promote your business.

The gold lamé jumpsuit and moonboots are optional. Blast your business into orbit. The view from up here is amazing!

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