How to Be More Radiant in Your Own Skin


Article by Anitqua Lisha Libbey    Photo Credit: Lauren Aletta


What is you knew without a shadow of a doubt, that your life makes perfect since? 

I adore the song by Jewel You Are What You Are. In it she sings

“A star is a star, it doesn’t have to try to shine…You already are, what you are. And what you are is beautiful.” 

We all have been created perfectly with divine intention, which means we don’t need to change or refine or even overcome a crappy past to be totally awesome. That perfection has already been made. To live it is our birthright. 

With this truth in mind let’s change our prospective a bit; instead of trying to reach some ideal state in order to be the star and reach our highest of heights. What if you started living as if you already have and are everything you desire to be?

Remembering who we truly are: your ideal body and health, success, talents, and utilize the gifts you already have refined in your very being to shine in our world. 

Here are 4 ways you can cut to the chase and remember. You are perfectly made.

Step 1| Ditch Lingering Guilt

Write a list of all the ways you are telling yourself you aren’t measuring up: the shoulda, woulda, excuses, if only… and the lingering guilt that cuts you to the core of disbelief. 

Step 2| Practice Forgiveness

Look at this list and one by one go through each thing say out loud. “I forgive myself, my maker and any and all other parties involved in these old limiting beliefs and stories running and let it go forever now.” Forgiveness is the key to creating space for you to fully remember who you truly are. 

Step 3| Let Go

Now, look at it again and cross out anything and everything that happened yesterday that is over and as you do confirm within yourself : I survived and it’s in the past.  I let it go. 

Then cross out anyone else’s shoulda, coulda’s that made it on your list. These are typically ways other people want you to be, but inside yourself it’s a struggle to be that way. Again let it go. 

Step 4| Kiss Your Body

HERE IS YOUR POWER!! Write another list of all the ways you ROCK!! List your talents, your strengths, your best personality traits and yes even your kick ass body parts (we all have at least one.) 

Use this list to everyday, read it for the next 12 days (at least), meditate on it, and remember how awesome you already are.  There is nothing you need to change or do to be the shining star you already are. 

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