How to Become Completely Turned on by Your Body {and your Life}

{and your life}


Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
Photo Credit: Sajas Minrah
Magazine: Issue #34

When was the last time you were actually turned ON by every area of your life and were completely in touch with the wisdom of your body and all of her power?

A while?

We spend so much of our time here on this planet trying and forcing. TRYING to be who we think we are supposed to be in order to not rock the boat, to save other’s feelings, to be a part of our tribe. FORCING our lives, our work, our relationships, our health.

But what if there was a different way?

One where you actually could love your body, speak your truth unapologetically, and be deliciously fulfilled on every level?

Well, Gorgeous, you’re in the right place because I’m about to share some fabulous tips to set you onto your path of smokin’ hotness.

1 :: Give Up The Idea That You Need To Look Like Someone Else In Order To Be Beautiful
Who cares what that one chick in the magazine looks like or how perfect that fitness competitor’s ass is while she’s maxing out in the squat rack?... Oh wait. You do. And that’s why you’ve been beating yourself up about how you’re not ready to follow your purpose, meet your soulmate, speak on sold out stages, start your tv show... Because you still think you need to be something other than you are to live your dreams. Hint: You are already more than enough and it’s time to own your freakin brilliance.

2 :: Release Your Hold On Your Old Habits And Limiting Beliefs Surrounding Soul Care
What do you think is going to happen if you start taking exquisite care of yourself?

…Unwanted attention?
…You’ll be spending all your money at lulu?
…The chicks at the yoga studio are horrid creatures who will judge you and call you names?
…Taking a bath is just a waste of precious time that you could/should be spending making money?

Whatever B.S. you’re telling yourself about why you shouldn’t go to yoga, start running again, meditate, or shake your gorgeous groove thang is all just resistance standing between you and your most lusciously confident self.

So stop worrying about why you shouldn’t nourish yourself and start making it happen.

3 :: Cultivate A Mindset Of Commitment And Discipline
We’re so used to living below our potential. We spend a bunch of time and energy thinking about the things we DON’T want in our lives and not nearly enough on the things we actually desire.

Begin taking a deep look at the things you are currently committed to… Your mediocrity. Your people pleasing. Your TV. Your addiction to struggle.

And now think about the things you need to be spending your time and energy focusing on if you want to become the smoking hot, turned on, sensual goddess you know you want to be.
And then- here’s the kicker- start becoming that woman. Act as if you already have what you desire. Think the way she would think. Cultivate the daily discipline towards your dreams and freedom. Show up as HER and commit to her way of living.

4 :: Tap Into Your Gratitude And Love Multiple Times A Day
If you are always waiting for something to happen before you are happy, before you love more, and before you appreciate your life, you will never be satisfied. Never be turned on. Never be fulfilled.

And, in turn, you will not become the paradigm-shifting leader you were placed on this planet to be. Show gratitude for your journey, blessings, and miracles you’re manifesting every single day.

5 :: Give Yourself Permission To Receive Pleasure
Pleasure. In all of her glorious forms. Orgasms. Dancing. Kissing. Yoga. Laughing. Watching the sunrise. Sitting under the moonlight. Release the automatic “no” that seems to escape your lips when someone offers you a joyous and delicious experience. Feel into it. Let it sit with your body. And then say “yes” to everything and everyone who speaks to your soul. Without shame or guilt or fear.

6 :: Trust In Your Desires
If you always second-guess what you want, who you are, and whether or not you are provided for by the Universe… you will always remain on the other side of your greatest passion in this life.

You can have what you desire, but only if you believe. Trust in who you are and trust that you are enough to have what you are asking for. When we lack trust in ourselves, we also lack trust in our partners, our creativity, and our own success. Give yourself the space to heal the wounds that are holding you back from accepting your desires and pleasure.

So, Lover, if you want to be turned on, you must turn yourself on. With the way you show up in the world. In the way you carry yourself in your conversations and relationships. With every thought you allow in that incredible mind of yours.

Only one go round in this life.

Why spend one more day as anything less than the beautiful, sexy, kickass woman you were born to be?

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