Connecting With My Divine Feminine


Article by Courtney Maguire

Connecting With My Divine Feminine

Connecting With My Divine Feminine

I am a WILD WOMAN! And I proclaim it loudly for the world to hear! I am She, Divine and Light! This is my story of being able to tap into my inner wild and LOVE every bit of it!

A few years ago, I kept feeling this nudge to become free. I wanted to wear everything fringe, feathers and flowy! I became obsessed with Aztec prints and Native American EVERYTHING. Heck, the dream catcher became the logo of my life! I have them hanging everywhere! This nudge was getting to be too much to ignore. Even though I was dressing the “part”, I needed to experience more raw freedom. I started following Bohemian everything. Pins on Pinterest, women on social media who also looked “free spirited” and Boho.

I became obsessed with tapping into the whimsical, natural side of myself. I then started learning about how as women, we have this natural “wild” side to us. Not wild as in crazy and irresponsible, but wild as in natural and connected with the Earth.

You see, a mother wolf in the wild doesn’t care at what cost she must protect her cubs, she’ll kill. Female mammals don’t care where they nurse their young because it’s a natural thing to do. Once again, they must take care of their offspring. Animals make beds out of sticks, leaves, moss etc. which is what they’re provided. Trees stand tall soaking up the rain, so they can continue to tower over the Earth. Sprouts bloom from the mud into beautiful flowers and don’t worry about the flower growing next to it, they both just grow at their own pace and rate in harmony.

You see, we come from the same creator. We as humans connect with the Earth because that is where we have been created from! So, we always have this essence about us that takes us back to our roots and we begin to take lessons from Mother Nature. We feel this deep longing to be where Mother Nature is. We want to let ourselves break free from the everyday, mundane life.

So, this is what I started letting myself feel more and more. I kept tapping into this wild side of myself. I became a part of a circle of women who “gets it.” We are like a pack of wolves. I have learned to love myself for all the raw parts as well as the beautiful parts. When that call comes to let my inner child out, I respond loudly, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about me! (Which is one of the BEST things I’ve ever done for myself.)

I do what makes me feel good. I do what connects me to the Divine Source that created us all even if it’s dancing around my house letting my body move in different ways.

Instead of having the mindset that every day is the same old same old, I switch it up and do things that are out of the norm so that EACH day is fun, wild and free! I make it my mission daily to come back to myself. My WHOLE self. That natural part of me that is just full of creativity, womb wisdom and spontaneity. By letting this come to surface, I can be a light for other women to allow themselves to be free. Free from what society says we “should be” or from being kept in a small box.

I am living proof that WE can be happy coming back to our sacred, primitive self and break free from being kept small. Together, we let no one hold us back from who we truly are and what truly makes us happy and the peace you’ll find within that is precious.

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