Overcome Your Emotions and Enlist Synchronicity


Overcome Your Emotions and Enlist Synchronicity

Overcome Your Emotions and Enlist Synchronicity

Article by Marinna Rose
Photo Credit: Carley Page Interiors
Magazine: Issue #37

Do you have synchronicity in your life? Do you know what synchronicity is? 

“Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by psychiatrist Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.” Wikipedia

For example, the other day I wanted to buy this really nice Juicer, but it was very expensive. I found it online refurbished for a lot less, but I really wanted a new one for that lower price. I gave in and bought the new one. 

I was very happy as I was unpacking it and excited to start juicing my veggies. I could not believe it. It smelled like V-8 juice; it was used, very used! They tried to clean it but... oh my goodness this is crazy! So I stayed in my happy zone and called the store manager, she apologized profusely and offered me an incredible discount on the replaced brand new machine, plus many coupons for future visits that will save me a ton of money!

So without even trying I now ended up with my brand new juicer for the same price I was going to pay for a refurbished one and more coupons to boot! Now that is synchronicity at it’s finest! I did have to return it and go out of my way, but the coupons far surpassed my time and gas. 

These kind of experiences are supposed to be a part of our life everyday. They can be yours too by following these steps:

1 :: Choose in every moment to do something that makes you HAPPY! If you can not do something that makes you happy in the moment do your very best to see the positive in what you are doing, choose to be in a happier frequency.

What you put out comes back, period.

It is that simple, so when you are emanating anger and frustration you will find that on your path with others. If you are happy and try to see the best out of every situation then you will encounter this back to you.

2 :: Meditate! Yes, it is that simple. Take a few minutes everyday to connect with your higher self, source, God or the Universe. The more you can connect the more your perspective will become larger, deepened and more compassionate. This allows you to stay in the HAPPY frequency more of the time!

3 :: Listen to your intuition! It always knows what is best for you. It always knows when you should go for a walk to meet that special person that may just say one sentence that changes your life. It also knows when not to do something. Practice on little things so you can learn the signs and can start making major decisions based on your intuition. 

Follow these three steps and I promise synchronicity will find you! Oh, I almost forgot, as you can see, be careful what you put your emotional energy towards. Be sure that is what you want to find you in your life, because it will. So be sure to release your anger, fear, judgment and resentment before you try to enlist synchronicity into your life.

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