Personal Branding...It's Just Like Sex {Seriously!}


Personal Branding...It's Just Like Sex; Seriously!

Personal Branding...It's Just Like Sex; Seriously!

Article by Yetunde Taiwo
Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
Magazine: Issue #24

Okay sexy entrepreneurs; let’s get real personal. Branding is all about engagement, so is sex. It requires participation and gets more exciting the more explorative you are. Seriously, your personal brand is just the same. There are so many ways personal branding is like sex, but these are the top 3 ways your personal brand is like sex.


Whether you have one partner or multiple, the fact is sex requires intimacy. You are your most vulnerable, to a lover or a stranger during sex.  Just the same, your branding requires you share intimacy of your message with your one client, or the world. Whatever your brand value offers are, being intimate about what you have to share is necessary for how your customers will relate to you. With brand intimacy, you package and share value that you hope will please or impress your audience so that they keep coming back to your company.


As with sex the more you practice, the better you should get. Having sex multiple times can help you learn and get better at it. With your personal brand, you have to keep repeating strategies; practices and lessons that make you better at showing your brand value. If certain things don’t work, you learn from them and try other things. This is how you learn and grow a brand that evolves over time. Keep learning more about your value offer as a brand and how it really helps others, so you can be great at it.


Results are what sex boils down to. Yes, the experience is great, the journey to orgasm is exciting, but when you actually get to an orgasm, it feels like everything falls in place. Your brand, when aligned with your intention and your value offer to the audience/target market it’s like a perfect moment. If your brand can provide a positively engaging and memorable experience with great results for your target audience, then you have done your part.

Branding as common as it may seem these days, just like sex is an intimate experience that should be taken seriously. You should be intentional about what message you are sending out about your brand, who your ideal target audience is and how you can build a lasting relationship that is beneficial to you and your target audience.

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