Let's Get Uncomfortable, Embrace Change & Become a Business Trendsetter®

Let's Get Uncomfortable, Embrace Change & Become a Business Trendsetter®

Let's Get Uncomfortable, Embrace Change & Become a Business Trendsetter®


Article by Tamisha Ford
Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
Magazine: Issue #24

I talk a lot about individuality because I love self-expression. I spent over a year mentoring, teaching, and interacting with just introverted people and clients before re-branding my business. 

One of the things I learned during that time was that our (yours and my) individualistic natures are extremely paradoxical. 

On one hand, we want to be seen. We want our work to be known by all that need it, we want to serve in our highest capacity, and we want visibility and confirmation that we’re actually helping someone. 

On the other hand, we want to retain our ideas and keep them close because we live in an age where it’s too easy for them to be stolen. Guarding our intellectual property as business artists has become a prime investment of time and mind share. 

How do we express our individualistic ideas and natures and simultaneously reserve our right to keep them close and original?

I’m here to bring clarity to this question for you as you express yourself through your business. 

1| Recognize the Spiritual Space You Create Within

There is an element of space you create within that no one else can. It’s a unique combination of discipline you’ve ascribed to, time it takes you to complete a task, creativity, experiences, and vision. 

That specified equation is not able to be duplicated in any sphere. Someone else may identify with it, but your energy of creativity belongs solely to you. When you really learn this, no one can do or say anything to compromise that space, and your individuality gets liberated in amazing ways. 

2| Embrace the Power of the Capacity for Change

Even if someone wants to copy every single thing you’re doing in your business, eventually they will tire of following the visionary instead of being the visionary. 

I always give people the benefit of the doubt that they really do likely want to be a leader in their niche, they just may not have figured out how to do it in their own expressive voice yet. 

So their best bet (in their mind) is to follow what someone else is doing to the letter because they think it will also work for them (see #1). 

What this means for you and I is that we have to always be leading and embracing change. Consistently looking for new ways to serve keeps your business fresh and on target to be a Business Trendsetter®, as Angel calls it (which I love). 

Embracing changes in your business and understanding your why behind those changes is the understanding that fuels your individualistic creative space and keeps you in a leadership role.

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