The 5 People Ruining Your Business

People Ruining Your Business

People Ruining Your Business


Article by Marlo Wright  
Photo Credit: Nancy Schoenmakers
Magazine: Issue #14

We talk so often about the type of people you should be looking for to help nurture, grow, and expand your company. These are key players who’s advice is golden, and time is valuable. Often times they are the people you wish you could pay — because often they won’t accept it or you feel like what they are charging you is less than you should be paying! Valuable, positive, and encouraging people are the right people to attract to your business.

However, sometimes, we get a good word, piece of advice, honest critique, or powerful push to move out and it’s quickly taken from you. 

Negative Nancy is what I call them. Maybe you’ve referred to them as Debbie Downer. You know the person that will suck all the life out of a room? That will throw a wet blanket on your emerging bon fire? Well, it’s time to do some house cleaning and distance yourself from or move away from these five types of people (whether they are family or not!):

1| Not Accomplished

The person who knows everything but has accomplished nothing! The person who’s been there, done it, and it never worked for them. Never able to have a successful business of any kind, but has all the advice in the world for how to make your business grow and become successful

2| Poor Man Mentality

You know the person who complains about the expense of everything, and is always claiming broke! 

3| The Criticizer

Where there is nothing wrong with some one critiquing your business, because we always need an outsiders p.o.v., I often think the best criticism comes with solution. So, if they are quick to offer their two cents with out the possible remedy to the problem, they could just be natural complainers, whiners, and people who only see the bad in EVERYTHING — including your gutsiness to step out and make something happen! 

4| The Partaker

There was an old nursery school story about the hen who asked everyone to help her make bread. Everyone was too busy to help her stir, pour, sift, etc. Yet, when it came time to partake in the fruits of her labor (the end product of amazing baked bread), everyone who declined to help, had their hand out for a piece! 

5| The Slick Talker

Ever had an encounter with someone who promises you they can give you the moon? You pay their fee with high hopes, because you clearly laid out your expectations, which they signed off on, and yet they still failed to deliver! 

All in all, we need the right people attracted to our business. How do you attract the right people? Glad you asked… look for the next installment next month! 

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