Unleashing Your Inner Muse: Questions to Enhance Self-Love and Inspiration


Article by Michelle Bennington
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #30

Unleashing Your Inner Muse

Unleashing Your Inner Muse

"I am my own muse.
I am the subject I know best.
The subject I want to better."

-Frida Kahlo

The journey in search of inspiration is always a deeply personal one. From the face of a stranger, to the soothing sounds of nature, it can truly be uncovered anywhere. While keeping your eyes open to the endless possibilities surrounding you, it is also essential to look within. Have you ever considered that YOU are your greatest work of art? Do you view your life as your ultimate masterpiece? Contemplate the following questions and challenge yourself to unleash your inner muse.

 :: What do you adore about yourself?

Perhaps you love your sense of style, your ability to make people laugh, or the way you can always liven up your own day by dancing! These traits aren’t anything to sweep aside and are exactly what muses are made of. Inspiration is found in the smallest details and it’s imperative not to exclude your own appeal from your attention. Focus often on your gifts and be mindful of everything you have to offer. Certainly there's a physical trait you prefer over the others as well. Do you have your mother's lips, hands that remind you of your best days, or an unbelievable booty!? Take a quick Polaroid and add it to your vision board as a quiet reminder to love yourself daily.

 :: Are you living in alignment with your beliefs?

Whether it be eating for health, conserving energy, never saying "no" to a golden opportunity, creating artwork often, or not supporting other people's negativity-- you have beliefs you’re deeply passionate about. When you ignore these beliefs in your everyday activities you are thrown out of alignment with your true self. Not honoring the sincere callings of your heart discounts your convictions and in return weakens the bond with your inner muse. Be conscious of your daily decisions and ensure they aren't contrasting your core beliefs. You’d be surprised how much this can affect you unknowingly.

 :: Are you being genuine in your interactions?

The quickest way to lose connection with your inner muse is to censor your existence to fit some sort of pr­e existing societal mold. There's no need to put on a mask for others and it doesn’t help anyone to pretend you are someone you aren't. Genuine connections are rich in truth as well as acceptance from both sides and simply cannot be duplicated by falsities. Relationships built with the background of fabrication will by no means enrich your life and honestly aren’t worth a minute of your time. Perhaps by showing your true colors you will lose a few untrue friends but you will gain so much more, and you will surely encounter your inner muse.

 :: How can your personal story inspire growth and change?

Undoubtedly you've endured misfortune and come out stronger on the other side. You've fought some serious hardships and you've WON! It's so easy to overlook your own accomplishments while focusing on what you still want to achieve but take a second to step back and just admire the work of art you’ve already created. Your life is one-of-a-kind and no one else could have done it precisely like you. Consider every lesson you’ve learned and how you can share those lessons to help others overcome similar obstacles. Be willing to view yourself as the hero of your own story and open to allowing others to do the same.

 :: How can you help the world today?!

So much of becoming your own muse is extending yourself into the universe and inspiring others even in the most basic of ways. Think about what the people you know may need and don’t be afraid to reach out if you think you can help. Often the effort alone is enough to brighten someone’s day. Smile at strangers. Pay it forward at the coffee shop. Text an old friend. Ensure no one you pass feels invisible today. In return you'll also feel seen, more alive, and more in touch with your inner muse.

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