3 Reasons to Meditate as an Entrepreneur

Three Reasons To Meditate As An Entrepreneur

Three Reasons To Meditate As An Entrepreneur


Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #30

Meditation has been around forever and we all know the benefits of its practice. The mindful relaxation and clarity that it brings to our mind, body, and spirit.

As entrepreneurs, we often struggle through our day looking for that mindful peace, and seldom make time for it. After all, there are clients, products, marketing, and at least thousands of other fruitful projects bouncing throughout our mind. As a business owner, you do not have the same mindset as your regular nine to five employee. We push, we strive, we plan, we conspire (in a good way); all of this to become successful. We do not run at full speed only eight hours a day and go home and try to forget the previous hours- we sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and start a project or new business plan. Because it is fresh in our mind and now is always the right time.

We become our business and our business becomes us, it is a spiritual journey always evolving into what our minds have created prior to any physical action. After all, we are the power that is regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, thinker, or the entrepreneur.

1| Seeing your business from the inside or with your inner self
During meditation you are removing all external noise and forces that will conflict during your normal day. While meditating and mindfully bringing your business into your relaxed quite thoughts, you can process each individual component of your business and bring it to the forefront and evaluate it without stress. This allows you to really see the life or energy that each portion of your business holds clearly viewing in what direction it will grow or which direction you choose that it will grow.

2| Gain mental clarity for major decisions
We all struggle with major decisions from time to time. Making these decisions quickly during the normal course of an extremely busy day is not always the best time to act or decide. These quick types of responses will always carry energy that is already part of your day and may not be the energy you want attached. Meditating on major decisions will allow you to be in a relaxed state and bring a calm clarity to all factors affecting your choices prior to making any decision.

3| Combine your business into your being, don’t just leave it as something you own or run
Meditating on all aspects of your business can create a bond that creates an energy between you and your business that will eventually become one living organism. This, once achieved, balances out all future ventures and decisions, as you will start making decisions about the business easily and not as an outsider. 

Admittedly this does take practice, and sometimes most of us think we are short of time, but the result makes you your business, and your business you. One cohesive force that is firmly connected, nurtured, and in tune with your future success. Try it!

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