Want to Build an Empire? Better Make Time for Your Girls


Article by Nikka Karli Salifu
Photo Credit: Rose Jane
Magazine: Issue #19

Want To Build An Empire? Better Make Time For Your Girls.

Want To Build An Empire? Better Make Time For Your Girls.

So, you want to make a difference in the world?  Help raise the vibration of the planet?  Well, Gorgeous, one of the most important things you should be doing is cultivating some QT (quality time) with your besties.  And, let's get real, this is also probably the one thing you are neglecting because you are out there trying to change the world.  I mean, your friends will always be there and you've got some serious world dominating to do, right?  Mmmmmm, yes and no.

Yes, your friends will always be there.  But, only if you continue nourishing your friendships.  Just because things were easy peasy when acid wash jeans were all the rage (the 1st time), doesn't mean that your relationships will continue to grow if you neglect them. 

The bonds that you maintain on your rise to building your empire will not only help keep you sane, they are necessary ingredients in ANY recipe for success.

I don't know about you, but my close Soul Sisters can often be my muses when I am descended upon by hideous, creativity-sucking, time-stealing banshees (AKA the always-dreaded writer's block).  Even when I think I couldn't possibly make time to talk with my girls (IE: when I'm up to my eyeballs in deadlines for work or behind on my writing), I'm always wrong.  When I think I don't have time, it's generally because I've started procrastinating or I'm feeling stuck in my path.  This then leads to feelings of not having time for anything “fun”.  As in, if it's not helping me to build my business RIGHT NOW, then I just can't do it.  Ever feel like that?  As if the moment you take your eyes off of changing the world (even for one tiny little nanosecond) that everything will fall apart and you'll be back at step one?


Well, good news fellow Paradigm Shifters.  By nourishing the bonds of friendship, you are taking care of YOU. 

And you can't run the world if you're neglecting the amazing Shero that is you.  So, allow time with your girlfriends to be a part of your weekly routine.  When you skip this QT you're not only hurting yourself, you're also doing an injustice to all of the people you are meant to help.  By making time for your friends, you're making time for yourself.  You are fully showing up for yourself which, in turn, allows you to fully show up in the world. 

And, come on.  What fun is world domination if you don't have your BFFs along for the ride?

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