Why Multi Level Marketing Deserves a Little Respect


Article by: Lynne Dominick      Photo: Joicy Muniz

Why Multi-Level Marketing Deserves a Little Respect

Why Multi-Level Marketing Deserves a Little Respect

Online marketing, soaring healthcare premiums, the tight job market and a desire to break away from the bonds of traditional business have created the perfect storm for direct sales companies.

Let's take a look at the top reasons why small business entrepreneurs, and those desiring to be, should include a review of multi level, direct sales and affiliate marketing opportunities when thinking about their next endeavor.

The Freedom to Work From Anywhere

The traditional corporate grind is about as appealing as a 2 day old taco.  Who would willingly choose to travel during rush hour with the masses if they had the freedom to set their own hours, enjoy more time with their family and friends or create a 4 day work week, 52x a year?

You Don't Need to Quit Your Day Job

Most direct sales opportunities allow you to get in the game as a part time player.  I bet we all know a few corporate situations that we wished would have provided us with that option.


The days of being guaranteed a mentor in the corporate world are fading quickly.  Multi level, direct sales and affiliate marketing companies provide a built in support system – a large number of like-minded individuals who have a vested interest in having you succeed.

Social Media Marketing

Direct sales representatives no longer have to rely on friends and family to have a successful business. Social media is rapidly changing the marketing and advertising landscape making it easier for representatives to expand their reach and focus on consumers with a need for their products.

Free Employee Benefits

As health care costs for employees continue to soar, the appeal of having a team of people who are your virtual workforce without having to pay them benefits is a tremendous advantage for any business owner.

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Circumvent the Start Up Hassles

Having your own business requires patience regardless of the opportunity, but it is a lot less stressful when on day one, you can have a product that is already tested, a website that is already created, a support staff to answer your questions and marketing materials that are already produced at your fingertips.

Discriminatory Indifference

In multi level, direct sales or affiliate marketing companies there is no hiring bias.  When it comes to gender, age, and sexual preference the playing field is level. This a welcome change for anyone that may have experienced a hiring bias and those of us personally offended by the practice of discrimination.

Plenty of Options

There are an increasing number of companies that are electing to go the route of direct sales, affiliate or multi level marketing.  This trend allows those looking for a career change to explore a wide range of options and select a company that fits their needs, passions and skill set.

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