Camille Ditele

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Camille Ditele

Camille Ditele is a Life Hacktivist® and the Leading Courage & Confidence Catalyst™ for phenomenal women who are struggling with life after divorce.

Through her inspirational blog, workshops + exclusive programs, she’s here to help you overhaul your approach to cultivating the courage you need when coping with life after divorce - while making it all feel like an Ab Fab journey.

Her advice, insights & articles have been featured in Holistic Fashionista, The Power of Letting Go- How to heal yourself and the world, The Amazing People Podcast and The Girlfriends’ Pocket Guide to the First Year of Divorce.

Her adoring fans + customers have called her “life-saving” and “inspirational.”
And when she’s not courage coaching, you’ll find her indulging in swanky hotel suites, chocolate covered almond M&M's and yearly sistergirl travel.

Meet Camille + get ready to cultivate crazy courage, fearless freedom and more abundance NOW!