4 Success Strategies to Help You Stay Focused


Article by Marlyne Pierce
Photo Credit: Halley Elefante
Magazine: Issue #36

Stay Focused And Win In Business And Life

Stay Focused And Win In Business And Life

Success is never a straight line, assuming you've lived pass the age of 13 - you know this to be a fact! However, one big predictor of success and happiness is your ability to be persistent and remain in the game, even after upset and disappointment. Here are my favorite tips for staying the in game, and winning, time and time again. 

Winning Tip 1 :: Refocus on the Prize

When I was a sprinter in high school, my coach always told the team, “no matter where you are in the race or how many people are ahead of you, never look back. Even if you are in front - never look back.” 

Looking back slows us down. 
Looking back takes us out of the game and into comparison. 

Looking back takes our eyes off the prize and could literally mean we lose out on our win.
Even if you do slip up and take a glance, remember! Winning sprinters NEVER look back. Quickly refocus on the prize. Keep your eyes in your lane and on your goal. It’s the best path forward.

Winning Tip 2 :: Be Selective

When I was growing up, I use to be upset when I found out my friends didn’t tell me ALL that was happening with them. Then as I matured, I realized that sometimes even with the best intentions, if your friends do not have the same vision or foresight as you do, they can stunt your ideas before you even have a chance to fully evaluate them. The fact is you have to be selective. If you know someone will kill your dream by being negative, asking too many uncomfortable questions, or giving you unsolicited advice - don’t share your infantile ideas with them. Wait until you have planted your seed and it has roots, then you can share it with a wide audience. Especially in the early stages of your idea, be selective and share only with other like-minded winners, mentors who have taken a similar path and individuals who you know can understand where you are going and give you guidance that will help you to flourish.

Winning Tip 3 :: Desire is Destiny Calling

No matter what your situation might look like, remember that if you have a deep desire in your heart, you can achieve it. We are built that way, providing the situation is healthy and good for you, your desire, your courage, and your confidence to go after it, can be just the fuel you need to achieve it. If you are pursuing a goal that is not your true and deep heart’s desire, you may find that you become frustrated very quickly. You may find everything to be a struggle and success will be difficult and hard won. Depending on how you were raised, you may have a belief that working harder to achieve a goal, even if you heart is not in it, is the only path to success. But, unless that goal serves a much higher purpose for your life, you will only be wasting your effort and you will soon be burnt out. So when you have a setback, don’t be so quick to beat yourself up. Sometimes you might just need a moment to reevaluate and assess if your next best step is aligned with your heart’s desire or if it will lead to the ultimate outcome you want to create. Your heart’s desire is truly the compass you need to achieve your destiny.

Winning Tip 4 :: Stay in Prayer

When others try to downgrade you. Prayer and connection with the divine will upgrade you. Stay in prayer and meditation, even a few minutes per day can make a world of difference in lighting your path. Your spirit needs that connection to stay energized. It is really the key to being able to refocus, to have the discernment about who to share your ideas with, and to know without a doubt that your deep desire is meant to propel you towards your ultimate destiny.