5 Feng Shui Tips to Manifest Abundance


Article by Lindsley Brooks

5 Feng Shui Tips to Manifest Abundance

5 Feng Shui Tips to Manifest Abundance

Do you ever feel stuck no matter how much time and energy you commit to your personal growth? You’ve done a lot of the main stream self-help, spiritual and personal growth work out there; like vision boards, gratitude journals, visualizations and mediation. You do the work to transform your negative thinking and mindsets; you set intentions and goals and even practice the law of attraction.

So why does there still seem to be some sort of block to creating the life we desire?

I believe its because there’s another piece to the manifesting puzzle that the majority of us in our western culture tend to overlook. And yet its all around us, affecting us in powerful ways, and is completely invisible to the untrained eye…

It’s the way energy flows in your living and work space… It’s also called, Feng Shui.

Until you start consciously shifting the flow of energy to enhance and support your intentions and goals, you may find yourself sabotaging your best efforts, even if you’re doing all the “right” stuff to create your best life.

We know that everything is energy. Our bodies have energy currents called meridians or chi. The earth also has energy currents called Leylines. And just like our bodies, our living and work spaces are alive and filled with chi. If these energy currents and centers are blocked, there will be blocks in an area of our life too. The solution is to make adjustments to your living or work space, remove those blocks and balance the flow of energy all around you.

Feng Shui is the art of balancing and directing this energy to create harmony, abundance and balance in every area of your life.

Whether you realized it or not, your environment is affecting your thoughts, feelings, actions and ultimately directing your destiny. It’s either supporting your life goals or distracting you from it… its either blocking abundance or its allowing it to flow straight to you…

So what are the messages your wall art, furniture arrangement or items on your shelves are sending to your subconscious mind and ultimately creating the results in your life?

Here are four simple yet powerful ways to shift the energy in your space, bring it into alignment with your goals, and to help you manifest more success, health, and love in your life.

1 :: Awareness

The first way is to bring awareness to your space. Notice it with your senses. How does it smell, sound, and feel? Walk into the room as if you’ve never been there before. What stands out? What doesn’t look right or fit in the space? What is your favorite area of your living and work space? What is your least favorite area? Why?

2 :: Power Position

Each room has a power spot. This is where you need to position your desk, bed or sofa so that is facing the doorway. In Feng Shui, the door represents opportunities. If your back is facing the door, you are blocking the inflow of opportunity and abundance. This one shift can change your whole mindset and your ability to be in your healthy power. Be the king or queen in your own life.

3 :: Decluttering

Decluttering can feel overwhelming but essentially it’s just about creating more space for what you want in your life. We all say we want more health, romance, wealth but when you look around the room all you see is chaos. Clutter doesn’t have a price tag. It can be too many books or just one item you’ve been holding on to for too long. If you notice you often feel overwhelmed, find it difficult to concentrate, or constantly feel tired - its probably because you have too much stuff around you.

4 :: Colors

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to shift the energy is through color. Color is energy and it can affect our emotions and moods. It brings life to an otherwise bland space. Using the right color can amplify and enhance success, love, health, and wisdom. Colors not only impact your life through your environment but also by what you wear.

I recommend bringing in colors that resonate with the intention you are wanting to create.

  • Want more abundance and success? Add gold.

  • Want to attract a romantic partner or increase self love? Add the color red or shades of rose.

  • Want deeper insight, clarity or wisdom? Add shades of blue and green.

Instead of painting an entire room or wearing all one color, just add color accents to bring a space back into balance and restore the flow of energy.

5 :: Mirrors

Most people use too many or not enough mirrors in a space. Mirrors energetically double the energy so its important to note what the mirror is reflecting back when deciding where to place them. Is the reflection more of what you want - like your favorite piece of art or is it your messy laundry room?

I also recommend removing mirrors directly opposite your bed. Otherwise you may feel restless and have difficulty sleeping. Depending on the shape and size of the mirror, they are excellent for opening up small or narrow spaces and enhancing the flow of energy.

Applying these 4 simple yet powerful feng shui techniques will immediately start shifting the energy in your space and life right now. You’ll start noticing you feel more empowered, productive and ultimately happier. Because when your space reflects, reinforces and is in alignment with your intentions, you’ll get unstuck and finally manifest the life you desire.

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