Activate Your Third Eye with Boundaries


Article by Ca Saundra Phillips

Activate Your Third Eye with Boundaries

Activate Your Third Eye with Boundaries

Starting the journey of opening your third eye can be uneasy because you believe you are doing everything right, yet you are not receiving any information on matters you are asking about. Now, do not be alarmed when this comes up. Look at it as another lesson to be learned from the universe so you can have a better quality life!

Sometimes people can not obtain information because they are too close or attached to the answer they are wanting and this can muck up any information that comes through. Another big reason is because people have built something called a ‘barrier’ without realizing it, as it is a way to protect oneself.

The best way to look at what a barrier is, is to imagine a fortress around you. The most misidentified barrier is a bubble. Now this fortress/bubble is unbreakable, nothing can get through it at all, so you believe deep down you are protected. Which it is true, you are protected, but inside this barrier is very lonely because it is just you and your ego.

You could even ask your ego to leave but the best it can do is go to the corner for a bit before returning. Why you ask? Because the barrier you have built does not allow anything to pass through it, in or out.

The best way to overcome this is to simply start asking for those barriers to come down. Since they no longer serve you, it is time for them to leave. It may be hard to bring these barriers down if your ego is trying to tell you that you need to know why this barrier is here before removing it. I am here to tell you that you do not need to know what it is before removing it.

While in meditation, say these words out loud:

Breathe in love, grace, ease and forgiveness. Breathe out any energies that no longer serve me.

Make sure to be saying this out loud, so that your all levels of your conscious can hear it. After each time you say those words see if your barrier has changed at all. Each person will be different on how fast they get past their barrier, so there is no need for judgement.

If you can get your barrier to remove itself, awesome work! Now it’s time to bring in the juicy stuff; boundaries. Before we dive into what boundaries are all about, we need to talk about energy. Energy will follow the strongest flow, so if your barrier is still stronger than a boundary you set, guess which way the energy will flow? It is up to you to work on this, until the barrier is firmly removed, the boundary will ground itself within and around yourself.

You can change boundaries if need be, as they are not set in stone. There will be times when your boundary is not as strong as you believed, and the universe will come along and show you. This is just a sign from the universe to either make that boundary stronger or change it up a bit! Take it that way and you will be thankful for those signs coming up instead of feeling angry!

Boundaries are there to protect you from the energies that no longer serve your higher purpose and only bring in the energies that serve your higher purpose. Each person’s boundaries will be different because we are all unique in our own ways. Something that has been a boundary for most of one's life won’t be as much of a struggle compared to a boundary you are starting to set up yourself.

It is good to figure out what your issues in your life are, so you can move onto that next step in your life and bring on healthy boundaries to help you achieve it!

You can see for yourself what your boundary looks like to you. A boundary can be seen as a security team at an airport, making sure to check everyone before they enter. So, create a boundary that represents security for you. For example, I have clouds that surround me, some may not think this is strong enough, but the clouds only allow in the energy I want.

Because these boundaries are strong, nothing I do not want in my energy enters! Colour has a huge effect on people, and doing your own research on what colour would vibrate with the boundary you are setting up will be beneficial in the end!

Please note that you may have a few or many barriers set up around you because you thought you were doing the right thing by protecting yourself. Each barrier serves for a different purpose and that is okay. I know I enhance this a lot, but no need to judge yourself for how many or little barriers you have.

This is your journey and no one else's. With each barrier bless it and do the breathing exercise with it until it has been removed from your energy field. Then bring in a healthy boundary pertaining to the barrier, so you can welcome in the information your third eye is looking for while leaving out the energies that no longer serve you at the door. They are no longer welcome to your life!

Take the time to figure out what boundaries you would like to set up. What they would look/feel like to you? If you are having issues with what healthy boundaries you would like to set up, remember to look at the recurring issues in your life. This is a good place to start, but not dwell on. Look at the issue and figure out a way you can flip it so you can start a boundary around it, instead of a barrier.

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