Sacred Sexuality: Your Guide to Increased Success


Article by Marcela Liliana Veron

Sacred Sexuality: Your Guide to Increased Success

Sacred Sexuality: Your Guide to Increased Success

Pleasure and desire intertwine. Love is a fuel of pleasure and the spiritual spark that fulfills desires. Pleasure and Love go hand in hand. When they’re not a priority, what are we filling up with? In times where owning a business can be extremely stressful and success can mean giving up so much -- like self- care and time off -- we must see we are running on fumes and the imitation of self-love.

As we dance with desire
To the rhythms of delight
We entrance and inspire
We heighten and ignite.

We become sensually receptive
With inner movement and ecstasy
Pulsing the invocative
Enticing the euphoric mystery.

Arousing joy and pleasure
Spiraling from the abyss
Creating waves of rapture
Sparking passion with erotic bliss.

Into sacred symbolic ritual
In our waves and peaks
Expressing desires into the spiritual
With enchanting intentions we speak.

Loving our essence
Filling up our cup
Valuing our presence
Feeling so loved up

Overflowing with magic
We invoke the divine
We dance in the mythic
and embrace grace to realign

Listen to the rhythm of the Goddess
Move to that beat – you’re a dancer
As we call up our greatness
We ecstatically embody our power

- Marcela Veron

The invitation is stop and listen to our body’s need for rest and replenishment before we can revitalize and optimize. We must create space to fill up our cup. But what will you fill it with my dear... love, sacredness, beauty, wonder, passion, delight or negative fueled thoughts and habits? We need to unplug and nourish ourselves in ways that replenish our mind, body and souls.

In a fast-paced world we can override our health for short-term gain potentially creating long-term negative effects. Many women are finding themselves feeling disconnected and depleted with little to no energy for self-care let alone for passion or pleasure, which can result in feeling low, dejected or devalued. Long-term effects can lower self-esteem, self-worth and result in being emotionally checked out, which can stem from disconnection from their body or sacred source and especially sacred sexuality.

Taking time to honor our body temples speaks volumes of self-worth and value. It allows for energy and appreciation to start flowing, especially towards you. Resources and money are part of that flow.

Making self-pleasuring a ritual and sacred “me” time enhances your ability to receive and increases your self-sovereignty. The relationship you create is between you and you! The act of desiring and caressing your body amplifies the energy of self-love and appreciation. Taking time to deepen that connection by embracing your sexuality heightens your creative juices, expands ecstatic energy in your body and revitalizes you from your divine source; it epitomizes that restorative spark and passion when done with love and care. Creating a rhythm and schedule to bring in more desire and self-pleasuring, you create long lasting rejuvenation and resource rich results. Your heart and soul with thank you for it.

Self-pleasuring is a potion. It’s the pulse of your desires and activates your money receiving potency.

Now put down the magazine – just for a moment... a pleasure-filled long lasting moment – and go pleasure your self. I know what I’m going to do next... wink.

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