Money Blocks Are a Myth, Here's Why


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs

Money Blocks Are a Myth, Here's Why

Money Blocks Are a Myth, Here's Why

Do you believe that you have a money block? It seems that all the time and everywhere I look, people are talking about their money blocks and wondering how to clear it so they can attract more money into their lives. The reality is you may not actually have a money block, you just have a limited belief in what you can do, what you're worth, what you deserve and you're stuck on what you've been comfortable with in the past with a helpless, lack consciouness. 

Perhaps you need a wealth consciousness upgrade...

You attract money all the time.
Think of the times you've gotten raises, money was given to you out of the blue regardless of the amount. If you really had a money block do you think that all of those past experiences would have happened for you? 

It’s the belief that you have a money block that is causing the illusion of the block. When you have the belief that you are blocked then you will find and even create all pieces of evidence to support your views!

But I suck at attracting money!
You may believe that you suck at attracting money, but you may not be seeing how the money has really come in for you or receiving it in a way and the amount that you want.

When we put out the call for money to be provided to us, it will show up in a way that resonates with our internal beliefs of what we feel we deserve, who we think we are at the time and what we believe our only limited choices in earning it are.

For example, if you're building a business and your starting goal is to generate $5000 or more a month, that you may actually desire to have that business and income as a way to rescue you from your fears and stress of lack. This conflict keeps you stuck in the same cycle of manifesting and attracting the proof that you are helpless and living in lack!

Your money shows up in a way that supports your internal beliefs and internal references!
Your internal references are the memories of all of your experiences of what you have been exposed to. When you are wishing for more money, your subconscious will do a search for ways that you have received cash in the past or what you have been exposed to around you which are your “knowns” and it will send out the frequency signals to attract your “knowns” to you. 

For example:

  • If you are desperately building your business without any luck and you need money for rent because you're behind on your bills from a lack of clients and your mom has stepped in for the 3rd month in a row to pay your rent and give you some food - you have attracted money.
  • If you take a side type of job such as driving for Uber, while building your business, and choose to drive 15hrs a day, 6 days a week to make money, stressing yourself out in traffic while cutting back on sleep, then you have found a way to attract more money
  • If you are on the streets begging for money and people are giving it to you, then you are attracting money. 
  • If you are only finding low wage, soul-sucking jobs that you hate and you have to put up with control freak bosses, stress and work your fingers to the bone to earn just barely enough to live on, then you are attracting money.
  • If you are getting a loan from a financial institution or another credit card that will just put you even more in debt but pay your current expenses, then you have attracted money.

Do you see where I’m going with this? You may be attracting money consistently, but it is not in the way, nor the amount that you want. You may even be feeling like a complete loser and hate yourself for some of the things you have done to survive financially, but this cycle just keeps on going no matter what you try to do!

We will be drawn to what we feel we deserve the most and what we think we deserve the most will be brought to us!

If your core negative belief inside is that you are a helpless victim, then the energy of the money that you receive will be created around that. If you grew up with the belief that you are rewarded for being a good girl and working your fingers to the bone till you almost die from severe stress, then that's what will be given to you

If you want $5000 a month, and you don't feel worthy of this amount, then you are only going to be attracting the amount of money that you feel is realistic and deserving subconsciously. 

Stop trying to force it.
There is no amount of begging, crying, praying, magic, wishing, manifesting powers, high priced coaches, or opportunities that are going to change your cycle of money madness, and take away your financial insecurities and self-worth issues without upgrading your frequency, worthy and wealth consciousness first!

Become it first.
To have and become what you want, you must first identify and clear those limiting beliefs within you and then walk the baby steps towards first becoming what you desire. Your vibration, consciousness, brain and everything within is upgrading, even as you are reading this right now, but you must take these new steps of becoming everyday!

Stop believing you have a money block.
Look at all of the ways money has come to you whether it was in a way that you approve of or not and then match the ways money has shown up for you with what your core belief could be.

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