How to Be An Influential Speaker in 3 Steps


Be An Influential Speaker

Be An Influential Speaker

Article by Denita Austin
Photo Credit: Mike Nguyen
Magazine: Issue #22

Being knowledgeable in your field will automatically give you creditably and creates influence and interest. To become an influential speaker it’s all about the Knowledge & Planning, Character, Honestly & Creativity 


To attract your audience, you must have character. Your speech or talk must be something of concern to your audience. Your personality must be of leadership skills and a since of humor. This will allow your audience to connect with you and become involved in your speech. Capture the audience’s emotions and learn how to engage with their concerns. Leadership skills go hand in hand with confidence and trust me, your confidence will shine brighter once you’re in-tune with who you are and what you’re presenting. Your character says it all. From what you decide to wear, to how you decide to speak and the topic that you choose to discuss. It all plays a part in your character that the audience will see. 


Throw fear out the window and be bold to stand up and speak. Your audience will listen to you if they see that you’re confident and straight forward. Using the right words is the key to succeeding as a speaker. Start by building the courage to convey the message. But wait, there is more to it than just being bold, you must be honest. When we lack the confidence as influential speakers, we usually try to be something that we’re not. Your audience will see this a mile away. Take off your mask and be authentic. You must show your audience you’re true self. When they are able to see who you really are, a since of connection will manifest. Your audience will automatically listen, believe and follow what you say simple because you decided to place all cards on the table up front with being honest. 


Now this maybe a bit uncomfortable. Some of us try to tip toe around this however, the more experience you have, the better your skills will be. This doesn’t mean you must hold 16 framed certifications, I simply mean practice makes perfect. The more you practice and build your portfolio the better you will become. For example, let’s say you were offered a gig to speak and you didn’t have the credentials but you had experience, inform your audience of how many years you have under your belt. Tell them how long you’re been working in your field. Trust me they will want to know. Remember, the fear was thrown out the window previously so be honest about who you are when speaking. Being honest, open and authentic is a great way to begin your road map of being an influential speaker.

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