The True Value of Self-Love


Article by Cori Stuart

The True Value of Self-Love

The True Value of Self-Love

Have you thought about the importance of loving yourself? I know that the concepts of self love and self care seem to have turned into buzz concepts, but let’s take a moment to truly assess how you treat yourself on both the inside and the outside. When was the last time that you honestly took a time to recognize the blessing that you have while in this ride called life?  If it’s been awhile, I highly recommend pausing and feeling how the concept of self love resonates within you.

When we start from a place of self love we find that opposed to starting with negativity and emptiness we start with abundance which can lead to more joy, happiness, confidence and empowerment.

There is a universal law stating life is for more life. It takes the same energy to draw in the abundance as it does negativity and lack. One of the key ingredients in determining which energy radiates in and out of your life is, you guessed it, self love. These effects may cause you to take a longer break and asses just how deep is your level self love or your self resentment. Let’s dig in a bit deeper on being empowered, confident and loving opposed to reactive, resentful and stressed.

According to Brene Brown “owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do”. Are you willing to be brave? Take another moment to reflect on your personal history. Yes, I realize there are a lot of moments being requested out of you, but I think you’ll thank me in the long run as it can add to your level of self love. More than likely in your reflections there were moments you judged as both positive and negative. However, if any of these moments had not occured you wouldn’t be who you are. Every moment has served as a purpose in forming you being who you are today. Yes, you read that correctly, every single moment is a gift and assisted you in being the amazing super human that you are. If you had not experienced your struggles you would not have the particular strengths that you have and would not appreciate the moments you recall as joy and happiness nearly as much as you do for you would not have anything to compare them with.

I encourage you to take more moments and truly reflect through as many of your memories as  you can and step out of your emotion of the moments and recognize the gifts. This should be a continual process as life inevitably will bring new situations. You owe it to yourself to take these moments and learn just how amazing you are. Revel in each moment and see what the gift is out each moment you previously judged as negative, traumatic or stressful. Appreciate your life for all of those moments and step into self love from the inside to the outside.

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