Self-Love Goddess Bath Ritual


Article by Stina Starry-Eyed

Self-Love Goddess Bath Ritual

Self-Love Goddess Bath Ritual

Do you love yourself completely at a soul level? Do you embrace all your faults and flaws? If you answered "no", you're not alone. A recent study shows that 85% of women suffer from low self esteem. Low self esteem can be horrible for women (My struggles with confidence corresponded to my bouts of bulimia and anorexia), but low self esteem can also be disastrous when it comes to your abilities to manifest love and money into your life.

Guided meditations helped me with self-love and the law of attraction. I adapted one of my favorites into a ritual that I hope can be helpful to you (because who doesn't love a ritual?)

This ritual works best when performed on a new moon. Don't let that prevent you from taking a ritual bath anytime you need to gift yourself love and confidence.

Before any ritual bath, clean your tub! Set the intention to cleanse any low vibrations or stagnant energy occupying the bathroom. You can also sage/palo santo the room and yourself. Light candles or incense (rose incense is my new fave!) to help set the sacred space. You are transforming your tub into an altar space, so do whatever feels magickal and right for you! Next, draw a bath (as hot as you like, the heat of the water draws the energy of fire and passion). Add 2-3 handfuls of sea salt to the tub. Sea salt is the best for drawing in love because of the connection to Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and is said to have been born out of the ocean, so all sea creatures (including salt!) are said to be blessed by her. Salt also helps out body release toxins, such as negative thought patterns, and it helps to amplify the energetic properties of any crystals or essential oils added to the bath.

You may add rose quartz crystals to the tub to transform the bath into a crystal elixir. If you don't have any rose quartz, clear quartz can be used as a substitute. I place them inside a small drawstring pouch so that they don't get lost.

In addition to the crystals, you may add rose essential oil (for love) or myrrh essential oil ( to heal emotional wounds) to the bath. Essential oils are potent so only use a few drops! If you do notowns either oil, you may add a splash of rose water, or skip the step entirely if oils aren't your thing!

Upon entering the bath, allow your body to relax, enjoy the pleasure of the bath for a moment. Then, starting at your feet, touch yourself with loving kindness and say, "I love my feet." Really feel into this statement. You may have thoughts, emotions, or triggerings through this process, but trust in the inherent love that you have for yourself. It has always been there, and it is now time to remember.

Move upwards along your body; ankles, legs, thighs, hips. As you do, tell each part of yourself that you love it. With a loving touch and a softness in your voice, tell your body that you love it. Remember that your body is a vessel, a temple for your soul and that it is worthy of love. Do this for your entire body, from feet/toes to your head/hair.

Now, go back to the places that you haven't been kind or loving to in the past. Your stretch marks, for example. Or your cellulite, or wrinkles. The bump in your nose, or freckles, or birthmark. whatever it is, go back to that place (or places) and show them extra love. Tell your body that you are sorry for not showing it the love and kindness that it deserves. You, in your entirety, are worthy of love. Believe it. Remember it.

At the conclusion of this, you may want to sit in the tub for a bit longer, or you may want to get out of the water. There is no difference, do what feels right to you.

When you do choose to leave the tub, imagine the shame, guilt, fear and misconceptions about your body to flow down the drain with the water.

Anoint your body with oil or lotion after your bath. You may add a few drops of essential oil, or even a crystal to the mix for more magickal mojo! starting at your feet again, tell your body that you love it. Thank it for its service to you. By affirming that you love yourself, you are affirming to the Universe that you are ready to draw more love into your life. Not only are you retraining your neurological pathways, but you are becoming a potent vessel for the law of attraction to work through. (Amazing, right?)

After you have anointed and dressed, clean your tub once more to remove any stagnant energy or low vibes that you have released, and burn more sage/palo santo. Look into your mirror, smile, and tell yourself "I love you." Believe it!

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