How to Be Seen as an Expert in Your Field


Authored By: Eyenie Schultz
Photo Credit: Dasha and Mari

How to Own Your Style to Make You Look More Like an Expert

How to Own Your Style to Make You Look More Like an Expert

I’ve worked with women from all around the world – light workers and healers, artists, creative entrepreneurs – and one thing they always desire is to look credible and professional with their style.

What comes to your mind when you read those two words: credible and professional?

From years of experience, I know they usually are associated with a lot of rules and restrictions. For some reason, we’ve been taught that in order for us to be successful at what we do, and for people to take us and our message seriously, we must look a certain way which, very unfortunately, usually involves dimming down who we are and substituting personality for neutrals and match-matchy and expected “more serious” combinations. 

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Well guess what?! It’s actually the complete opposite (thanks Universe!) 

There was actually a study done called The Red Sneaker effect that shows that people actually believe that someone is more intelligent and has more money and higher status if they don’t conform by, for example, wearing red sneakers in a professional setting (think the quirky college professor). 

“…people confer higher status and competence to nonconforming rather than conforming individuals. These positive inferences derived from signals of nonconformity are mediated by perceived autonomy and moderated by individual differences in need for uniqueness in the observers. “ (“The Red Sneaker Effect”, Journal of Consumer Research, Inc.)

As a Visionary, you know you’re far from being conformist!! So why dress like it?! Owning everything that makes you distinct, and showcasing your quirks and eccentricities through what you choose to wear rather than tucking them away can actually draw your ideal people in like moths to a flame. 

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