How to Build Your Brand on Instagram


Article by Cinthia Singleton

How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

Looking around it would seem that promoting a business or service on the interwebbies isn’t so tricky. Point. Shoot. Post a pic to IG or FB. Easy. Is it effective? Definitely for the quick news cycle and certainly to those within the small biz entrepreneur’s reach, i.e. followers and friends of followers. But there’s more to it if you’re going to distinguish yourself from competitors and, for long-term growth, attract the success that will make you happiest.

Share your passion for what you do. Passion is intimate, exciting and personal… and it’s energizing and infectious.

1 // First and foremost, all posts on social media are branding. Doesn’t matter whether a business, product or service, or a picture of the beloved cat curled up on the office printer or the amazing balayage highlights you gave a hair client - there’s a story being told, one picture/post at a time. The consistency is the branding.

2 // Select material that showcases your passion for what you do and why you keep at it. This lust for life is the seductive Scheherazade that attracts your intended base to your small business not the COME IN ALL COLORS ONE SIZE FITS ALL 50% OFF FREE SHIPPING BUY IT NOW hawking for $ales.

3 // Yes, yes, we are in business to make money but the small biz entrepreneur begins first with a notion. The vision for success is formulated. Then, of course, that entrepreneur gets up off the couch, does the stretches and gets to work. It’s personal, each and every day, even if just business. Everyone loves a success story - your social media shares can best tell this tale, day by day.

4 // Work for money. Work passionately. BUT share on social media with passion and generosity. Try this:

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Share pics not just of, say, your products but of all that represents what you love or are intrigued by, are excited about, make you smile, or fill you with a sense of wonder. Even if sharing a quick pic of your adorable hand knit baby socks, focus on an element of them that especially tickles you, i.e. a close up of the complicated argyle pattern, them beside the bare baby feet, a basket of them at the church sale. And so forth. Help the customer/ client’s senses walk around that item as if with you… show the wonder of the details. Or share a wondrous sunset you see on the way home from the studio. : )

It’s the intimacy of sharing that convinces a buyer to pull the trigger. They’ve shopped and shopped. They’ve kicked the tires and perhaps test driven a car or two, but they buy from the one who convinces them that their needs will be met by this purchase. Every customer/client’s needs will be different, certainly, just as is your target customer. ; )

The cumulative of what you share on social media + your personal way of looking at things = your passion. Remember what The Flirts said, “I'm waiting for you, baby. It's time for show and tell.” Well, don’t let ‘em down. lol

Share your passion. Always.

The only thing you can do to lead a crowd is prove your passion to them. — Afrojack
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