How to Relieve Anxiety with Breathwork


Article by Tiffany Curren

How to Relieve Anxiety with Breathwork

How to Relieve Anxiety with Breathwork

Are you who you appear to be? Do your insides match your outside, or do you wear a mask? It’s okay. I know what it’s like to hide behind a false persona. I have friendships, jobs, people who love me. I own a nice house in a beautiful, quiet town, with lots of open space. I have a child and stepchildren, a loving husband and three rescue dogs. Bigger than all those things, though, was my intense struggle with excruciating anxiety.  I found a way out that doesn’t require drugs or therapy, and I’m here to let you in on it.

My secret is a practice that is simply called “breathwork.” You may be thinking that I am referring to deep diaphragmatic breathing, alternate nostril breathing, or transformational breathwork. But I’m actually talking about something that we just refer to as exactly what it is: breathwork. It’s a specific style of breathing that can cause an emotional release, and can help shift the way that we view our lives and ourselves.

HOW Breathwork Heals:
The breath is very powerful. Using a two-part pranayama, this active breath allows the breather to move energy through their body, release stuck energy, and heal old emotional wounds. This is a very active, working breath, facilitated by healers who are trained by David Elliott or one of the seven teachers who work with him.

WHEN Breathwork Heals:
This breath pattern is practiced in sessions that last for 30 – 35 minutes. It’s two active inhales followed by one exhale, all through the mouth. It’s an inhale into the belly, an inhale into the heart, an exhale through the mouth. This process starts to move energy blocks and allows the breather to have a greater, clearer understanding of their life’s path. During a session, the breather may receive messages or downloads from their subconscious mind, and can immediately integrate them into their lives.

WHY Breathwork Heals:
As humans, we are exposed to all sorts of messages and experiences. Some of these messages are very powerful, though they are not always accurate, and the experiences that cause blocks can be traumatic or injurious. When we are given a message, or we experience an action that creates a false belief, we create a block that prevents us from living our authentic life. I whole-heartedly believe that breathwork is the most direct path to self-empowerment.

WHAT Breathwork Heals:
In just a few sessions, breathwork can heal years of heartache, hurt, depression, anxiety, confusion, and other emotions that may be causing us to live small lives. It’s great for reducing stress and bringing clarity to our thought processes. Using this breath, the body moves energy and shifts old belief systems, so that we are able to return to ourselves and see our endless potential.

After practicing breathwork for a few months, I’ve found that I no longer turned to Xanax for help, I stopped needing a glass of wine to fall asleep, and I started learning how to have healthy boundaries. I am able to live more freely and authentically, because I am grounded in my own self-love. Breathwork is the answer, no matter the question.

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