How to Live a Perfectly Perfect Life That Matters Most to YOU!


Article by Cinthia Singleton
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #24

Perfectly Perfect Life That Matters Most to YOU!

Perfectly Perfect Life That Matters Most to YOU!

Shine. Stand out. Leave something behind. But what if what we got to offer ‘pales’ in comparison to what the brilliant rogues all around us offer? And what if ours isn’t ever really ready for prime time? What if we aren’t so special, really?


It’s about a life and we shine truest when immersed in it. That is all. The immersion. The rest is the cherry on the sundae. Get it? We all have something unique to offer just by being alive. Attendance is everything in this case. From grub worm to Nobel Laureate, we’re molecular energy. Can’t ‘matter’ more than that. lol

But seriously we all want to matter.  

Let’s take it down to the bare essentials… How to live a perfectly perfect life that matters most to YOU:

1| Know who you are. Be confident in it. You are who you are and that in itself is unique. This is your special brand of Light. That you can dance a mean lambada is a vehicle for that light inside you.

2| Get in touch with your inner compass each and every day. Take a quiet moment. Clear your mind. Meditate. Breathe. Feel only your life force surging through you; this is your core YOU. Nothing selfish in listening to it above all else.

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3| Get grounded. See #2. That way, when you’re out in the world with the other humans you’re as steady and prepared as possible. It’s like tennis. If you hold your weight evenly, got your eye on the ball, you’re ready for that 70 mph ball coming at you.

4| Quietly. Loudly. Actively. Passively. Doesn’t matter whether you’re tough as Steve McQueen or meek as Bo Peep, energetically we ALL add something to the mix. Appreciate it, in yourself and others.

5| That inner compass is a good guide but it shows different directions at different times. So once a Girl Scout, not always a Girl Scout, but there might be an energetic element that carries from troop to sorority to family. The continuum is YOU, the compass there to point you to things that make your core YOU most fulfilled.

6| Embrace Earth and its citizens, warts and all. Remember, your interaction with them is why you’re here. You do the best with what you’ve been given, so do others. Sometimes we’re not our best; these are some of the warts, sadly. Compassion comes in handy.

We ARE by association not isolation. Why we’re here doesn’t matter so much as how we interact while we are. Embrace it. Then you shine, matter and leave something wonderful behind… your light.

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” Theodore Roethke

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