Astrocartography: An Introduction to Location Astrology


Article by Cinthia Singleton

Astrocartography: An Introduction to Location Astrology

Astrocartography: An Introduction to Location Astrology

Home is where the heart is but it is also an oasis for the possibilities; feeling “at home” makes it easier to fulfill our life’s dreams and purpose.

Well, let’s see what astrocartography has to offer. Astrocartography (or locational astrology) is the relationship of one’s natal astrological chart to different locations, how you and different regions, cities, countries dig on one another, or not. Every place is good for something if you understand its potential for you personally.

1| is where you can cast your natal birth chart. Free. Time of birth (from your birth certificate). Date. Place of birth.

2| Once you have a natal birth chart, check out the AstroClick Travel section. An interactive world map shows which planets were rising on which countries at the time of your birth. Simply put, it’s as if your birth occurred around the world.

Is career your main focus? Mars (energizing activity) or Saturn lines (hard work, teachers) might best support you. Love, amor, LOVE? Places where you find the Venus (social life, love) or Jupiter lines (opportunities of all kinds, luck) are for you. Maybe you want excitement with a little personal growth thrown in? Check out places along the Uranus (variety, experimentation) and Mercury lines (stimulation and growth).

What if you’re living in a city that is ‘astrocartographically’ less than desirable or you can’t just run away with the circus? Are you destined to be unlucky? Not at all. Use the astrocartography to create more enriching experiences right there. A Saturn line locale, for example, can be a great place to become an expert in your community. And what if you’re ‘meant’ to live, say, in France but don’t speak a lick of French assuming you could pick up and go? Might be nice to enhance your life right where you are with things French… the cinema, the food, the kissing  :  ) 

When we resonate with something it’s visceral; this is the energy that motivates and inspires the soul.  

All in all, our destined accomplishments will happen wherever we go. It’s day to day, place to place, and subject to change by our circumstances and the people we meet. Life is funny that way. The town where we grew up might not be the best place to fully experience life after college but somehow becomes where we return to care for family. As Carrie Underwood sings in Temporary Home, so many places are “… just a stop, on the way to where we’re going.” Astrocartography can open some doors to understanding why one place over another.

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