3 Keys to Master Catalyst Mindfulness in Your Business

Master Catalyst Mindfulness in Your Business

Master Catalyst Mindfulness in Your Business


Article by Nicole Zaagman
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #26

As this issue is all about being mindful, question for you. Have you been paying attention to past or present catalysts? Maybe you are wondering what a catalyst is! Well let’s dive in. A catalyst is defined as: a person or thing that precipitates an event. Synonyms include: stimulation, spark or incitement. For example, this can take the form of a new business opportunity, new mentor, a job change, life changing medical diagnosis, a movement, change of relationship status or a chance meeting with a kindred spirit or soul. 

So what the heck does this look like? Just as the description states, it’s something that precipitates an event eluding to change. Could be change of location, change of mindset, beliefs, change of heart or all of the above. Something that can literally turn your life, upside-down. Unfortunately, unless, you’re mindful about the importance and significance of this sometimes tumultuous event in your life, you may completely miss out on the unexpected blessing in disguise! 

So now that we understand what a catalyst is, how does it have effect on your life? Well believe it or not EVERY experience you go through in life can be a catalyst, depending on the outlook and stance you take on the situation and experience. Let’s go through 3 key things to pay attention to when one experiences a significant catalyst. 

Remembrance: Life is ALL about remembering. Remembering WHAT we came here to do. It can take years to discover your soul purpose, as it has for me and many others. Sometimes if we’re lucky enough we’ll encounter a series of catalysts quickly right after another. This can be absolutely exhausting, which I’ll talk about next. I’ve had a series of my own catalysts, health challenges, personal and family changes, relationship changes. It’s sometimes hard to not get bogged down in the wear and tear of the moment and not become resentful of what we’re experiencing, whether it be negative or positive. But get down remembering that every significant life event you go through has a purpose.


Rest: As I mentioned earlier, the wear and tear of such a jolt of significance can leave you absolutely exhausted, you may even lose your heart throughout the process. This is why REST is an absolute MUST during significant times such as these. I’ve had several instances where I felt like I just needed to plug ahead in my business. My computer stops working, things don’t work or take 3-4 times as long to accomplish simple tasks. When I see this is happening I’ve learned to take it as a sign from the Universe to STOP. Rest, take a bath, take a step back, and make time for you. Get council when needed, drink a cup of warm tea, drink lots of water, eat nourishing food and take care of yourself. 

Recognition: Once you recognize the situation/said catalyst for what it truly has brought to your life. It is much easier to move forward and to walk towards faith and fate. Leaving the ultimate outcome to the powers that be. This can take time to get to this point, weeks, months and sometimes years and a lot of lost sleep. Be gentle with yourself throughout the process and remember the truth is an absolute MUST. If you bottle your feelings, your experience to yourself when it often involves others, it WILL suffocate you. Ask for forgiveness if needed and one last thing, LOVE YOURSELF unconditionally. Once you’ve made a decision, recognized the significance of this catalyst in your life, love it, bless it and accept it as a very important step in your journey.

Once I grasped this concept as something good, instead of wasting time and energy on wishing something away, my whole mindset changed. I learned to appreciate the everyday lessons I experience, and embrace change with open arms. When you feel like you’re going through more than you can handle, just be mindful, aware and know that the solution you’re seeking is often in the catalyst you’re experiencing. Blessings.

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