3 Common Mistakes Holistic Business Women Make with “Clean” Eating


Clean Eating Mistakes

Clean Eating Mistakes

Article by Angela Anderson
Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia
Magazine: Issue #25

Eating clean is not necessarily salads and smoothies. As a fitness instructor and health & fitness coach working with holistic women to tone up their bodies, the answer is not all about your fitness routine. If you want to tone up your body, you must look at these three common mistakes about clean eating that you could be making. 

Common Mistake #1: Protein Shakes

There are all kinds of protein shakes on the market, unfortunately many of them full of crapistic ingredients, including sugar. Unless you like the flavor of grass or air, you most likely have to add fruit to your shakes in order to enjoy them. The artificial junk that most protein shakes have, plus the added fruit you need in order to actually drink them does not do you any favors when you want to really tone up your body.

Tip:  Don’t just buy any old protein powder. Do your research. Eating enough protein does help your muscles, but adding fats, super-foods, and fiber really ups the steaks! 

Common Mistake #2: Skinny This and Single Serving That

I know you are busy AND because you are a health conscious, holistic woman. Between work, family, workouts, and other obligations you probably eat on the go at times. Remember, those low-calorie snacks you are grabbing are full of sugar. Yes – even the savory snacks. 

Tip:  Eat as much lean protein, natural fats, and non-starchy vegetables as you possible can. This will increase satiety and you will not be as hungry all the time, plus it will support you to beat sugar addiction and get toned up!

Common Mistake #3: Constant Carbohydrate Loading

If you eat carbohydrates constantly throughout your day, then all you are doing is spiking your insulin, turning the unused sugars into fat, and then depositing the fat onto your hips, stomach, and thighs. A typical carbohydrate filled “clean” eating day looks like: oatmeal for breakfast, some sort of wrap for lunch, granola bar for snack, protein shake with fruit post workout, and lean meat, veggies, and grains for dinner.  

Tip: Follow the ritual of eating your of carbohydrates after a tough workout. Your muscles LOVE sugar immediately after a workout and will eat it right up to help them grow and repair. 

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