The Most Precious Gem in The World (and it's not what you think!)

(and it's not what you think!)

Article by Erin Harvey    Photo Credit: Lauren Aletta

Become Your Own Gem

Become Your Own Gem

Who says what the “perfect” body is? Is it the magazines? Is it the designers? Is it movies and television? Is it social media?

Why do we allow all these outside forces to have so much control over us?  

As women we often want to be everything to everyone, and that is an exhausting way to live. I firmly believe that we all need to focus on making ourselves happy first and then we can be there for those who mean the most to us. 

We have the power to transform our own beliefs and maybe make an impact on society as well! Size 2 women are beautiful, size 10 women are beautiful, and all women are beautiful! The goal should not be a dress size, it should be health.

If you are healthy and happy then you are the sexiest, hottest version of yourself that you could ever be. Look in the mirror and love what you see staring back with you – that is all you will ever know.

Putting pressure on you to become the diamond standard of magazines and Hollywood is crazy  Diamonds are created by pressure…..who wants that?!

Instead, work on you to become your own gem, who knows you might become a sapphire or a ruby or an emerald! Diversity is what makes the world, and fashion, a more beautiful and better place to be.  
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Personally I strive to be an opal or blue diamond!  

What about you?  

I have struggled with my self-esteem, my body image and how I ‘fit in’ to the beauty ideal. Over the past year I have developed a new addiction, spin and yoga.

Throughout this new habit of mine I have discovered how much happier I am being fit, healthy and having fun. I am tired of trying to look like a Victoria Secret supermodel that is just not my genetic makeup. But those women will never look like me!

They will never have my dimples, my ever changing eye color, my sparkle and my smile. We all have so much to offer this big beautiful world and we should embrace that! Work on you, let go of external pressures and shine bright!

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