Do the 5 Reiki Principles Apply to Your Business?


Do the 5 Reiki Principles Apply to Your Business?

Do the 5 Reiki Principles Apply to Your Business?

Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
Magazine: Issue #21

A sacred method of inviting blessings and the spiritual medicine to many illnesses, situations, and business practice. The practice of Reiki once attuned (taught), has limitless benefits in life and can do no harm. Each principle starts with “Just for Today”, no long term goals just a non-stress reminder to follow every day. 

We can get caught up in day to day routines in business and forget many basic principles in life in general. Forgetting these basic principles can be a detriment to any business owner. Taking time to meditate briefly with these principles daily can bring forth the positive energy needed to succeed as a business owner.

The five principles are as follows:

1| Just for today, do not anger
2| Just for today, do not worry
3| Just for today, be grateful for everything
4| Just for today, do your work honestly
5| Just for today, be kind to others

Anger can be considered to be a negative energy. If we don’t use this energy in an appropriate way, dealing openly with situations and problems it can become contaminated with frustration and resentment and become destructive anger.

The thoughts of worry outweigh the benefits of concern and we should never confuse worry with concern, worrying keeps us focused on the problem while healthy concern helps us think about solutions.


Being grateful reflects quality not quantity and it’s our own values that are sent back at us that creates this sense of lack or abundance in our lives.  Lack or abundance is relative and how we view these events can affect the quality of our lives.

Taking personal responsibility for your life, everything in it, and the attainment of your own goals, there is nothing worse than waiting for others including spirit/universe to act on your behalf and there is nothing more exciting than realizing that no one is going to do it for you.

It’s easy to be kind to people you like and who like you. The test comes when we are asked to be kind to those people we don’t like and who make us feel angry and insecure. Maybe one of the biggest challenges of these principles, but certainly obtainable.

Can you apply these five principles to your business, “Just for Today”?

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