5 Ways to Stay Focused and Inspired

Stay Focused and Inspired

Stay Focused and Inspired


Article by Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley
Photo Credit: Rose Jane
Magazine: Issue #19

The key to shining bright when running a creative, holistic business­ whether you’re creating content, working with a client, or planning a launch­ is to stay in your element. The best way to do this is to cultivate focus and stay inspired while working.

Here are my top five tips to keep you in your element:

1| Boost Your Energy, Naturally

Superfoods, green smoothies, and adaptogenic herbs can help you keep your energy up and even increase creativity. Yerba Mate is a well known tea consumed in South America that also keeps me energized.

2| Motivational Prompts

Is there a particular time of day you lose your oomph? Is there a particular task you dislike doing ( SEO anyone)? Have prompts such as motivational quotes or a yoga pose in your arsenal of motivator and energizers to help you keep going.

3| Accountability Partners

When we have a coach, mentor, or friend as an accountability partner, we tend to perform better can stay motivated. Join Facebook or Google Plus groups in your niche or recruit a friend to help you stay focused.

4| Mood Boards

You’ve probably heard of Vision Boards, but have you tried doing a mood board? Pick a theme you want to focus on, or Core Desired Feeling, and create a board of images and quotes around that topic. For example, if you’re working with a client that is trying to boost their sales and you’re helping them with marketing, make a Mood Board for that particular project based off of what you’d like to see happen for them, or how you see yourself make an impact in their work. Think particularly about how you want to feel from completing the project.

5| Awesome Tunes

Never underestimate the power of a good playlist! Instead of listening to the radio or whatever comes on on a particular channel, take one day every so often to make a playlist for different moods or scenarios in your day to day business. If you get groggy when blogging, make an energizing playlist filled with not only new songs but also ones from your teen years that always got you pumped. The key here is to make the playlist not a generic one but that triggers an emotional response that will help you feel good while working.

All of us have moments of feeling like we’d rather take the day off or avoid a task completely, but if you focus on boosting your energy and staying in the right frame of mind, you’ll find it easier to work through the things your business needs completed.

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