3 Steps to Managing Fear so it Doesn’t Manage You

Managing Fear so it Doesn’t Manage You

Managing Fear so it Doesn’t Manage You


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Jana Cruder
Magazine: Issue #23

One evening, my boyfriend and I were on our way to the Ahmanson Theater in LA to see a show, during rush hour traffic. ‘Type in Ahmanson for directions on WAZE,” he asked (WAZE is this super cool app that gives you directions to avoid traffic). I typed in the Ahmanson Theater and the female voice on WAZE, directed us to go on the 118 fwy. Immediately, my boyfriend panicked,” I don’t do the 118, I’ve never done the 118 before, find another route!” “This is the route she’s giving us to avoid the traffic.” I said. Still panicking, he shouted “are you sure, that you typed in the Ahmanson in LOS ANGELES?” “It’s taking us the wrong way!”  

I assured him, we were going the right way. “I don’t do the 118,” he said again as he grabbed the phone while jolting the car to find other routes, we ended up having to go on the 118, which turned out to be a great route avoiding the rush hour traffic.

Sound familiar?
Perhaps this isn’t you on the fwy, but what about in your own life or business? Too often we may panic and attempt to “jolt” our life in a direction that seems more comfortable while ignoring our own inner guidance system, which is attempting to move us along faster by taking us into the unknown.
Our Internal Guidance
When we ask the powers that be for guidance in our life or our business, we have programed in the destination that we want to go and our inner guidance begins to show us the way.

Self Sabotage
Though we asked to be shown the way, it’s not always the way we expected to go and to be honest MOST of the time it’s not the way that we expect our destination to go. It’s the same thing working with coaches and mentors too, we hire them to be our navigation system, but if what they instruct us to do is not within our comfort level, many times we resist and go back the route we’re comfortable with and then wonder why we’re still stuck in what seems like a mess.

Manage Your Fear
When you become the master of managing your fears, then you will begin to notice more intuitive guidance, help along the way and you will get to your destination much faster.

3 Steps To Managing Your Fear:

1| Acknowledge that you’re going into the unknown and you’re just not comfortable with it.

2| Get yourself excited about experiencing something new and what you may discover.

3| Say to yourself “I move from fear to faith” and then just go for it!

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