Featured Interview: Carley Page Summers


Interview by Angel Quintana
Photo Credit: Christina Cernik
Featuring: Carley Page Interiors
Magazine: Issue #37

Photo by Christina Cernik Featuring: Carley Page Summers

Photo by Christina Cernik
Featuring: Carley Page Summers

Have you always been interested in interior styling or did you begin developing an eye for it later in life?

Since I was a little girl, I would always rearrange my room, creating little sitting areas and vignettes. I have always had a passion to create a place for others to dwell and to feel at peace. Also, my mother has always had an eye for design, which rubbed off on me. 

What’s your main method of finding inspiration? When are you most creative?

Inspiration usually comes from my travels and the different cultures I am able to immerse myself into. I remember coming home after a six-month mission trip to Haiti, and wanting a more tribal, colorful vibe. When I am able to purchase a piece for my home, it usually comes from somewhere that tells a story. I am most creative when I am able to tell a story through my styling. 

How do you generally connect with people who want your interior designing expertise? 

Most people reach out to me through instagram. Most people have an idea of what they want, but need help pulling their vision together, which is where I come in! I try to advise people not to be impulse buyers and to wait until I can have a look and can cast vision together. 

With such a large instagram fan base, do you ever interact with your followers or take on the task of restyling their homes?

Yes, all the time. I find is so important to connect with my followers. I generally respond to each person who comments or messages me. I will give an occasional styling tip in a post, which generates a response from some followers wanting more help with the finishing touches on their homes. 

What’s your favorite method of shopping for furniture/home decor? (I.E. online, thrift, department, etc.)

I am an avid “craigs-lister” and thriftier. I think it’s important to connect with local vendors as well, in order to help grow and support the people around you. I also love finding new accounts on instagram who sell free trade goods and support a greater casue with their products. 

What do you typically take your photos with? 

As a photographer, I find it so important to have crisp and clean photos, so I shoot with my Canon 6D for the majority of my photos, but sometimes you have to catch the moment with the good ole’ I-phone. 

What one thing do you think is an absolute necessity for every home?

A necessity for every home is a rug. A rug can bring a certain character to a home that nothing else can bring. It’s a type of artwork, and there is usually so much craftsmanship that has gone into making a piece. 

Photo by Carley Page Summers

Photo by Carley Page Summers

What’s a rule of thumb you generally follow when you’re styling a home or room?

I think it is very important to really decide on a specific style for your home first; whether its bohemian, coastal, or modern, or any other style and stick with that. Certain styles look best with certain textiles and I think a room is built off of layers consisting of throws, pillows, rugs and curtains. After that, you can add in the fun little knickknacks. 

What’s something you’ve learned through the progression of building your brand that you wish you knew when you first started?

A crucial lesson I learned through this process is to stop comparing myself to others and their designs. We are all given specific passions and ways to carry them out. It is so important to be true to yourself, and go after your dreams without competing with others. We are in an industry with so much talent. A friend told me once to ‘lift as you climb.” I have really embraced that in my life and it is so important to support those around you while building a business. 

How did you get your interior styling name and brand out there in the beginning? How did you begin gaining your following and what was the most successful thing for you?

Instagram has been an integral tool for building my brand. I think what gained a lot of my following was creating a lux brand for less expensive pricing. Bohemian is very popular right now, but there is a way to make it look more lux instead of dorm room, and I think that was key in building my brand. I also respond to about everyone who comments on my posts. It’s important to stay relatable to a following and be who you would be if they were right in front of you. 

What is one piece of advice you can offer an aspiring interior stylist looking to build their business online?

If I could give one bit of advise, it would be to stay true to what you love. Fads come and go, but there are parts of your aesthetic that should be timeless. Also, stay present online and keep posting your work. Create a vibe that is unlike any other, but at the same time, create magical spaces in which others can imagine themselves.

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