How to Know if You're Intuitive

Are You Intuitive? Own it!

Are You Intuitive? Own it!


Authored By: John Scardina     
Photo Credit: Dasha and Mari

I’ve been working on personal intuitive abilities for several years without taking ownership of them, I have always no matter how slight had these abilities and was just never confident in them as a reality. I wanted to share a story of a recent event in my life that proves that you can be in tune with your intuitive side, only by relaxing and paying attention (listening) to the little signs that surround us every day. 

Recently on my way to work, my full time job I grasped onto one of these signs. Admittedly it was a bit stronger than usual but I listened and it read like a book. I’ve worked in the same business park for two different companies for over 20 years and have always taken the same boring route to work every day. I only live about four or so miles from this business park, there is really only one right turn and a left to get there the quickest. 

Without knowing why on this particular day I left for work as normal I decided to turn in a different direction and go around the back way (a little further in distance), again I have never have taken this route. Something in the universe had something to say and I listened. As I continued on this short route I drove about one mile and looked left and noticed a dear friends house. Thinking to myself their house looks different, not the sturdy brick structure that it is. There was nothing actually wrong with the house, just my feeling. I thought to myself “I haven’t been keeping in touch with this friend for some time”. Maybe today is the day I should contact them, then it hit me much stronger than usual a feeling that there was something not right with my friend. 

I began to get a bit nervous as I continued to drive a feeling of crying and fear was beginning to overwhelm me. It was not me crying it was different, I felt tears. As I pulled into work I was certain that I really needed to contact my friends but is was still early, so I decided I would wait. 

Only being at work a short time I received a phone call from my wife asking if our friends still in the States or their home in Italy, and she proceeded to tell me that Italy had an earthquake about five hours prior. I had quickly told my wife my change of route and that I had seen their house and felt energy like never before and we both knew now was the time to call their cell. 

After calling and leaving a message, not the connection I wanted! This only helped my now overwhelming feeling of tears, somewhere there was tears. This was freaking me out a bit because I do not always listen to the little messages. A short time later I received an email from another friend that they were in fact at their home in Italy. They had spoken with them and they were both well, their house in Italy not so much, a complete loss.

When I did finally connect on the phone, I was so relieved to hear the crying voice of my friend. Once this happened my energy shifted and I felt no crying, no tears. I knew they were well!

The reason I’m sharing this is to allow those with gifts, with intuition, to pay attention to the little voices, the shift in energy, there is a story of knowledge being created that only you can feel and understand if you only listen. Take ownership of your intuition!

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