3 Keys to Stress Less and Create More Success in Your Business


Article By Kimberly Manning
Photo Credit: Spell Designs

Stress Less and Create More Success

Stress Less and Create More Success

Every woman in business works hard and because of our many roles, we often manage more demanding pressures than dudes in business. Push too hard for too long and you become a weary, dreary creature.

Creating respite from your business isn’t negotiable – it is one of the keys to success. Understanding your personal energy style, taking time and fashioning space that allows you to relax and recharge is a hallmark of the Holistic Fashionista.  Here’s what to do:

Know your Personal Energy Archetype™

In my business practice I use an ancient eco-science to provide my clients with the keys to their energy blueprint, the energetic template given to you at the moment of your birth. Your personal manifestation of the energy patterns create your Personal Energy Archetype, which is unique to you.

Why is knowing your Personal Energy Archetype™ helpful?

When you understand your Personal Energy Archetype you can align your business (and your life) with your authentic self. You see how you show up in the world – and how you respond to your environment. When you learn to work with your personal energy style, you become more authentic and more powerful in your life and your business – and you honor your nature, not work against it.

Order is peacefulness. A messy desk doesn’t encourage productivity. Create systems to streamline your workflow. Feng shui your office and your home. Enlist an organizer to help tame the clutter. This is not woo-woo nonsense. Scientists have found that clutter has a negative effect on our ability to focus and process information. Clean up the piles, the files and your calendar and you’ll be on your way to more peace and calm – in your business and your life.

Give yourself the gift of time.  All work and no respite make for a very dull and drained entrepreneur. Take time to nurture yourself. Meditate, get a massage, read a book. Spending time in a relaxed state provides many benefits. It can counter adverse effects of stress like hypertension, anxiety and aging, but it gives you more. It helps you to be more creative and more productive. Notice how great ideas come when you’re in the shower or hop off the meditation cushion? Your brain and your intuition benefit from downtime. Instead of fearing taking time away from your business to relax, make an effort to chill. It’s an investment in yourself and your business.

Know thyself. And create regular time and space for respite and relaxation in your business. These are secrets to success – in your business and your life.