How to Take the Stress Out of Gift Giving


Article by Cori Stuart

How to Take the Stress Out of Gift Giving

How to Take the Stress Out of Gift Giving

As the end of the year draws near there are so many different events that pop up in my mind. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, flying shortly behind it is Hanukkah and Christmas, and New Year's and Valentine’s too. Throughout the upcoming three months there are plenty of parties, celebrations, gift exchanges and hopefully lots of great memories.

For some, this season also comes with the concept of buying something for everyone they hold dear, as a symbol of thanks and appreciation. For others, gifts are done due to obligation and showing how we are doing as we see our colleagues doing more or feeling that we need to give more than the prior year. To the later situation my response is simple. Buy into yourself, your thoughts and your feelings and your needs. You are worth it. Stop trying to keep up with others and start keeping up with what lights up your heart.

You may be wondering what do I mean by the phrase buy into yourself. Does this mean a shopping spree just for me? Does this mean that I get to tell everyone to buy things for me and then I give nothing in return? In buying into yourself, I ask that you tune into yourself, and really own how you feel about what gifts you should be giving to those around you and to yourself.

Only give what you feel is in alignment with who and where you are in the present moment. If you feel compelled to give extra, make sure it’s for the right reasons and gift away. If you feel that this year you need to spend less, talk with those you love about why. Be real and honest with them. When you are honest, trust continues to build and relationships become deeper. In either situation instead of just giving gifts, offer to create memories with them. Memories and time spent together can be worth more than any gift purchased. Time is more valuable than than purchased items as how much time we have here, or how long that person will still be present in our life or on this earth is one the aspects of life that is not promised.

While tuning into ourselves, now the perfect time to truly assess what are the gifts we’d like to give ourselves over the next three months. While you are creating memories with friends and loved ones don’t forget to count yourself on your list. Too often we forget to show ourselves the love and attention we so easily shower on others during the holidays, and the rest of the year. I’m not suggesting you go out on a major shopping spree but more so to assess you. Who and how you would like to be. Most of us set new year resolutions. What if we commit to life transitions instead of short term resolutions. What if you start your commitment to yourself now and when January 2019 starts you are well on your way with memories of what you have completed and accomplished opposed to what you wish to do, what you hope to do.

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