How to Tap into Your Mystical Powers


Article by Priscilla Wainwright

How to Tap Into Your Mystical Powers

How to Tap Into Your Mystical Powers

You are glorious and powerful beyond measure, and created for greatness by virtue of being a female. But is that how you view yourself? If not, perhaps you have experienced patriarchal poisoning -- add abuse, and the damage is intense. This patriarchal culture FEARS our mystical powers.

Therefore it has belittled us, limited us, forced us into restrictive roles, and objectified us. Patriarchy has stomped BIG time on mystical powers. Well, girl, it’s time to take back your super powers.  

Evolved female entrepreneurs are proud of themselves, accept and cherish themselves as they are, are authentic, harbor no rage and take no crap.  Such girls use their mystical powers!

So, how do you tap into your mystical powers? Here are 5 biggies that will get you started:

Self-Image is Your new Self Concept:
Your “self-image” is just an opinion and belief you developed. It is not fact, no matter how firmly you believe it. If you don’t experience your power and glory, it does not mean they’re not there. You’re just out of touch.

Assume Your Power and Glory:
“Assume” has 2 meanings:  
(1) to believe something is true, and
(2) to step into and take on as a role.

When you flex mystical powers, others will notice. You become more visible, effective and respected.

Be Intentional About Your Style:
Not just what you wear, but also your actions and how you present yourself. Be thoughtful, deliberate. Determine how you want others to view you. What opinion do you want others to have of you and your power? Choose your wardrobe and actions accordingly. Be deliberate, but have fun.

Stand Out in a Powerful Way:
You don’t have to be the center of attention, but determine how you'd like to be noticed and seen. If you feel “invisible”, taking back your mystical powers will help you overcome that feeling and gain the respect you desire and deserve.

Act With Love, Consideration and Compassion. Give Back:
Don’t be a patsy.  Act with appropriate care and consideration for others’ needs and concerns. Show mutual respect. Assist, help out. Power paired with Humility, Love, and Mutuality is glorious.   People will not only grant you true respect and honor; they will truly like you and cooperate freely because they see you returning the favor.

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