How To Treat Your Feet In 60 Minutes Or Less


Article by Taila O’Neal

How To Treat Your Feet In 60 Minutes Or Less

How To Treat Your Feet In 60 Minutes Or Less

Heats out FEET OUT, what are yours looking like? Do you know, or care? More importantly, how are they feeling? Let’s be real – feet usually get forgotten when it comes to personal care, let’s change that! Right now, I want you to shift your focus down. . to the ground and wiggle your toes while stretching your feet. Be aware of how they feel, are they comfy, cramped or throbbing?

I’m asking because how your dawgs feel affects your entire being. There are millions of nerves in your feet sending messages to your brain, if neglected for too long; pain may start to show up in different places. For example, your legs and lower back may start to hurt or it could affect your posture in the long run.

Wearing shoes and walking on hard surfaces weaken feet’s natural strength making them tired, dull and achy. One of my favorite Royal treatments is weekly foot spa session. It’s easy, relaxing and can be done in the bathtub or room of choice. Painted toes are pretty, but there is a little more involved when it comes to full on foot tlc at home. I encourage the below personal care practice as it helps keep your body balanced and ready for movement .

Ready for the good stuff, me too! Here’s a list of materials you will need for your foot session.

Home Spa Materials

- Foot tub or large bowl (the tub also works if you want to sit on the side)

- Taila.Made Soothe salts or your personal salt

- Dual foot massager

- Favorite foot or body scrub

- River Rocks/Spa Stones

Caring for the feet can be done in a few different ways, I personally combine the below and make it into about a sixty minute pamper ritual. Pick what feels most aligned for you and get started. If you’re into the ambiance like I am, you may want to include your favorite candles, incense, music or a diffuser. Do what feels true Queen!

FootSpa Session Steps

1. Foot soak

This is a great way to soften the sometimes rough bottoms of our feet. By adding an aromatic salt blend like Taila.Made’s Soothe blend to a small foot tub or big bowl (big enough for your feet to fit in) and allowing your feet to soak for at least 20 minutes you are increasing the circulation, and nourishing the skin with the many minerals found in Epsom & Dead Sea Salts. Alternatively you could allow your feet to soak in a foot tub/ bowl filled with Spa stones and about 5-10 drops of Lavender essential oil mixed into 2 TSPs of almond oil.

2. Exfoliate

If you love a good body scrub, you have to start including your feet. Natural scrubs are a great way to buff away dry rough patches, revealing your beautiful supple skin beneath. After soaking your feet, remove one by one and apply a quarter size of scrub to your hand and begin massage into the bottom, top, sides and toes. This is a great idea for tired, achy and dull look feet. Please show them some love! If your feet need some extra scrubbing for say annoying calluses, I suggest a Natural Earth Lava Pumice stone.

3. Spa Stones/ River Rocks

When you’re done exfoliating, rinse your feet off with fresh water and prepare for your hot stone treatment. Some nail salons offer hot stones on the soles of your feet as part of their pedicure service, it’s amazing! Amazon has awesome little stone +warmer sets you can invest in and use at home. While your feet are soaking, you should turn on your stone warmer. Once you have removed your feet, pat dry & remove stones from warmer. Make sure they are warm to the touch and not hot. Softly apply the stones (when comfortable) to the bottoms, sides and tops of your feet, feel free to travel up the leg to just below the knee. This indulgent practice relaxes your muscles and gently stimulates the pressure points in your feet.

4. Dry & Hydrate

At this point you will take your feet out of the foot tub, if you chose not to use the stones above, step onto a fluffy towel, dry the bottom and top of your foot by patting the towel on your feet. If you did use the stones, your legs are already dry and just waiting a moisture massage. Once dry you can decide if you want to apply a hydrating foot butter or oil. Take your time massaging the product into your skin, it sounds weird, but when I close my eyes, this part feels magical. Once your finish throw on some socks for at least 30 minutes to allow your skin more time to drink up all the hydrating goodness.

5. Dual Foot Massager/roller

Technically you’re finished after the above step, but I’m extra, and if you’re like me take it a little further and invest in a dual foot massager ( like TheraFlow) so at this point your able to move your feet over the rollers further stimulating your soles. It’s so relaxing, and be done while you read a book or watch T.V.

That’s it Queen! How do you feel after treatment? Foot care isn’t overwhelming, it’s undervalued. Moral of my story – take time to TREAT YOUR FEET! I challenge you to follow the above steps every weekend for one month and see if your feet don’t feel & look better.

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