Is Social Media Envy Blocking Your Abundance?


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs

Is Social Media Envy Blocking Your Abundance?

Is Social Media Envy Blocking Your Abundance?

One thing I love about social media such as Facebook, and Instagram, is that we are in an age where we can share with other people about what we’re doing, what’s going on, our kids, dogs, successes, and our frustrations. The bad thing about social media is that we can share EVERYTHING!

In a world that is already full of so many insecurities, social media gives us the platform to create a life that seems more abundant, happy and beautiful than it really is. For example, you can take a photo and with a few simple editing tricks you can make yourself look 10 pounds slimmer and 10 years younger. You have the choice of posting only pictures of yourself laughing at parties, or you can create an image of a powerfully successful person speaking on stage when in reality there is no one in the audience listening to you, and you're really flat broke!

A Blessing and Curse

Social media is both a blessing and a curse because there’s so much openness and visibility out there, however, there may be times when you're really down on yourself because you're going through a tough time, then you see your FB friends laughing, on trips, and with their perfect families. That can be enough to put you over the edge and into a gallon of rocky road ice cream and sad songs. Perhaps you’re struggling in your business and reading posts about so called six-figure business owners bragging about how they became a success overnight, while you’re barely getting by and wondering what is wrong with you! 

The truth is, social media posts can trigger your core insecurities about yourself, and the negative feelings you have such as “I’m not enough," or “I'm going to be lonely for the rest of my life !"

The Jealousy Beast

Then it happens, you transform into this ugly creature on the inside, the green eye of jealousy! As you’re scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram looking at people’s statuses and photos of friends looking great, having fun, and people looking more successful than you, while you're slaving away at your life, you start to feel bad about yourself and wonder why others have it better than you. You begin to feel the fire of jealousy boil up inside of you, so to make yourself feel better, you may make jokes about the person in the photos to a friend, post a negative comment, or make some negative remarks to yourself about what you see.

Blocking Your Success

Even though it may make you feel good for the moment, and it may also empower you for a second to put down your friends and other people you envy behind their backs, the reality is, it’s actually harming you.  What you are doing is sending out the energy of anger and bitterness, while creating a force of negative energy around you blocking your ability to attract and manifest what you are wanting in your life.

By allowing yourself to experience envy and jealousy, you’re actually telling the universe, “I remove any abundance and good things from my life,” because jealousy is part of a victim and lack consciousness and we attract what is in our consciousness.

It All Comes Right Back To You

When you’re sending negative energy to anyone, you are actually poisoning yourself energetically.  It’s kind of like spitting into a fan because you don't like it spinning, and the spit comes right back and splatters all over you. In fact, the more you send out this anger and bitterness, the more you are creating a resistance to the great things that can happen to you and pulling yourself down even further into a deep dark hole of despair that gets harder to pull yourself out of.

If you find yourself having these experiences, don’t beat yourself up even more, because jealousy and envy is something that most people feel without being aware of it.

What To Do

So now that you know it's there, here's what you can do to not only ease out of this lower vibration, but begin to raise your vibration to start to attract a better life.

1 :: Catch yourself the second you feel even the slightest charge of jealousy or envy.

2 :: Face and confront your feelings, by saying something like “oh wow, I’m feeling jealous right now!”

3 :: Put humor into it, laugh at yourself, laughing changes your emotional state right away by causing what’s called a pattern interrupt.

4 :: Ask, yourself why you’re really feeling jealous, what is the real issue going on?  (We can’t fix anything that we are not willing to face or don’t know is there.)

5 :: Forgive and release.  Say to yourself, “even though I’m feeling jealous, I greatly love and accept myself, and I forgive myself on all known and unknown levels, and I release this."

6 :: Love yourself!  Imagine a pink light of love filling your heart and your body with love.

Once you've done all that, go ahead and like the photo's and statuses you envy, write some positive and supportive comments and take it a step further by reaching out to the person and telling her how much you enjoyed her status or photo and congratulate her successes. Once you do a practice of this, you are going to begin not only to notice your emotions becoming more bright and confident, but things will start to shift, change and manifest for the positive in your life!

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