3 Ninja Tactics to Mastering Your Mental Clarity During Business Hours



Article by Angela Anderson
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #26

The energy you pour into your business is not just in the actual moments you are meeting with clients, on the computer, or doing other business related activities. Your actions and rituals outside of office hours are major factors that determine how productive, energetic, and effective you are when you work your business.

What’s the first thing you do after you wake-up in the morning?

What do you do the first hour of your day?

What do you do the last hour of your day?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you have a personal development practice?

Do you eat food that supports your health?

Your daily practice can result in laser sharp focus and unwavering mental clarity. You can have a thriving business, live life to the fullest, and feel like a million bucks with these NINJA tactics:

NINJA Tactic #1:  Exercise (hint: not the treadmill or walking the dog)

I’m going to take this century old recommendation and put some cayenne in it for you. Cardio machines are boring, unless you are listening to some killer beats. Walking the dog is relaxation, not fitness. I’m asking you to resistance train.  

Resistance training, even if it’s just using your own body weight, sets off a hormonal cascade throughout your body that lasts hours after your workout ends. It’s a humming feeling that is with you all day long. Resistance training encourages production of youth hormones to keep you lovely and stimulate fat loss. And most importantly, studies about resistance training show mental health benefits. These benefits include: improved memory, improved executive control, lessen depression, less chronic fatigue, improved quality of sleep, improved cognition, less anxiety, and improved self esteem.

NINJA Tactic #2:  Feed Your Brain, literally!

I’m sure you “get” that you feel tired, unfocused, and foggy after eating desserts. You probably keep your alcohol consumption under control for the same reasons. To improve mental clarity, eating “clean” is a great start, but it’s only the beginning. What is your idea of a healthy, holistic diet? Do you follow a specific nutrition protocol?

More and more, health & fitness experts are releasing information and case studies about carbohydrates and the devastating effects they can have not only on your physique, but your overall health, including your brain function.

The carbohydrates I refer to are not just pastries, pastas, bread and white rice. I’m referring to any food whose composition is mainly carbohydrate: all grains (brown rice included), fruits, sugars, and starchy vegetables (butternut squash and sweet potatoes included). Read your food labels and use Google to find out just how many carbohydrates are in your food.

Focus on eating a diet high in lean proteins, fat, and low starchy vegetables. Use your carbohydrates to feed your muscles after a resistance training workout, otherwise, the constant carbohydrate loading will just go to your brain and fog it up.


NINJA Tactic #3:  Personal Refinement

Take the book-ends of your day (the first and last hours of your day) and devote them to your personal practice. Make no exceptions. If you are a mom, get up earlier (or use naptime) and shorten that hour to 10 minutes. No excuses.

Ninjas are so focused and so elite because of their daily practice of developing a deep knowledge of themselves, their personal power, their strengths and weaknesses, and their influence.

To have ninja focus in your business, you have to be very clear about your intentions, commitments, and personal motivations in life. Your daily practice will give you mental endurance, lessen egotistic judgment, and improve your perspective.

Read, meditate, sing, pray, listen, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. But do it every day. All of these modalities will center and ground you so that you have unwavering focus while you work.


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