Drop the Belief of Who You Think You “Should” Be!


Article by Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Fabiola Zamora
Magazine: Issue #24

Who You Think You “Should” Be!

Who You Think You “Should” Be!

Recently, I met a woman who I connected with right away, because we’re both creative and passionate. It broke my heart when she recently told me that her belief is at zero and she’s lost faith in herself, her business and that anyone will want what she has to offer. Like, me she has given up many times on her dreams in frustration.

A few months ago, I was watching an interview on Adam Ant, (He was a big pop star in the 80’s.)  During his interview, he was talking about his battle with depression over the years and as he was speaking about his depression, I watched in eyes, his body language and I listened to his tone of voice, Adam Ant was speaking about his battle with depression with great shame, calling it a monster. By the shameful tone of his voice and body language, you would have thought he had committed some horrible crime in the past that he had great regret towards!

The Normal Myth
Though very different, what those two have in common, is that they are both creative, passionate, right brain dominant people. These types of people are naturally drawn to and are very good at entrepreneurship, music, acting, dance, writing, healing and other forms of creativity. Sadly, the belief that many creatives grow up with is that they must identify with what is considered “normal” in a left-brain dominated world.

What is normal?
Traditionally, normal is a well behaved child, who graduates from school with good grades, excels in college, gets married, has a good “stable” job, good credit, organized, buys a house and raises a family and then the same process starts over again with each generation.

The Problem
The problem is that for most creative, right brain dominate people, that’s not who they are nor necessarily want to be and because their “told” that’s the way it’s supposed to be, the talented, creative end up beating themselves up for attempting to be who their not.

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The truth 
Since creative people are dominated by their right brain and are feeling types, it’s “normal” for them to go through depression, be full of ideas and not follow through on them, be disorganized and a list of other things that they were led to believe is not “normal.”

Be who you are
If you truly want to live a successful happy life, the key is to drop the belief of who you think you “should” be, act and feel based on what you were taught and learn how to understand YOU, everything that makes you tick and then use that new found personal power to do something great in this world!

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