Stop Making These 5 Excuses! Grow your Design Business Today


Article By Jennifer Nesbit Holt
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #30

Stop Making These 5 Excuses! Grow Your Design Business Today

Stop Making These 5 Excuses! Grow Your Design Business Today

I have two questions for you... Are you trapped in all the reasons NOT to start that dream design business? Are you still swimming in uncertainty splashing around in the kiddie pool of imagination because its 'safe’?

You know you really want to unleash your design voice! So why not STOP making these 5 excuses and dive off the high-dive into the ocean of success!? Get inspired to move past your blocks so you can grow your design business today.

1 :: I Don't Have Enough Money

Who does? You could sit in this false mindset all day, every day. This is the most costly mistake holding you back.    
By saying “I don’t have enough” is an example of the “lack” mentality holding you back from attracting abundance and the design career that you are meant to create. You’re simply denying yourself of a higher possibility—a soul goal.  
There is an ancient business idea that all start up businesses need ’funding’. Frankly, this is old-school and limiting to your success. There are 101 ways you can open the doors to your new design studio! Here are some things to consider to determine if you are ready to move past ‘not enough’:
        |Are you resourceful? Who do you know and how can you cut corners in the beginning?
        |Are your sights set TOO high? Think about if you have a tangible plan. Is jumping strait to the idea of having a fully staffed, design firm with 100k+ clients really feasible?
        |If you say you REALLY want to do this, plan smart and work hard!

2 :: I Don't Have Enough Time

If you have your clear vision but the excuse of time is holding you back, you’re not alone. I struggled with this mindset before opening my wellness studio. Being a mother, fine artist and teaching yoga full time had me strapped, I thought there was no way in hell I could do start a successful wellness studio but I found the time because I was on a mission and passionate. Maybe..
You are in the corporate world and feel exhausted at the thought of launching a new business on the side. Or maybe you have children and feel “the timing not right” so “I’ll wait it out”. Whatever your current reason, remember we live in an age of “quick and easy”.
        |Within minutes you could have a website up and a pay button added to your site through a Stripe account or PayPal.  (This, by no means, means that you’re completely legit as a business entity and there are till details to be ironed out but this is a start!)
        |Get selfish with your time and find hidden pockets in your day you can commit to growing that brilliant design studio.  Get off Netflix and wake up 2 hours earlier… BOOM! You’ve got a bonafide part-time gig going!

3 :: I Don't Know How To Build A Successful, Lucrative Business Plan

Your business plan should evolve and change over time. Entrepreneurs are always finding creative ways to improve and be malleable in order to find success. A formal business plan is time consuming. While it is important to have clear vision and growth strategies, laying out any and all ‘what ifs’ can be depressing!  
Is a business plan important? You bet your bottom! But if you’re using this as an excuse to not move forward, STOP! If you are looking for clarity and momentum, this ends up being the fun and exciting part my clients love and it can be done in as little as half a day. (CTA—call me).

4 :: I Wasn't Trained At The Best School So I Can't Start A Freelance Design Biz

I don't have enough credibility to draw in high paying clients. I’ll be seen as a fraud. Clients only hire designers with years of experience. STOP! I want you to take a long deep breath right now….
You are the owner of your own design destiny! Don’t fall into the trap of feeling that you’d have to suffer INTO your new solo career. If you believe in what you do, you’re passionate, open, skillful in your art, respectful and professional you will be seen as an expert worthy of being hired.

I have to confess, I had these limiting beliefs about myself even when my career was taking off. As you grow, so will your client base. While it’s ok to have dreams of climbing to the top in one step. Stay grounded and focused on your current capabilities, do quality work and keep manifesting your design dreams.
You will be tempted to make excuses because you are a visionary taking exciting risks.  

Return to the feelings of positive possibility and your big ‘WHY’. You will be opening the doors to your new design business soon!

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