The Dao of You: The Road, The Path and The Essence of Your Authentic Self


The Dao of You

The Dao of You

Article by Kimberly Manning
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #18

In Chinese philosophy, The Dao (Tao) is The Way. Your Dao says everything about who you are, how you live your life and how you do business. 

The Road to Self

In the literal sense, Dao means “road” which is the most physical interpretation of this ancient philosophy. What’s the road you travel daily? Do you have a routine that includes good sleep hygiene, a healthy diet, exercise, meaningful relationships and some kind of spiritual practice? 

Your authentic self needs the structure of a well-built highway to thrive. Are you a Maserati driving on a dirt road, or zooming down the Autobahn? Patch any potholes in your life so you can thrive.

The Path of Transformation

The Dao is also the Path. It’s the journey that leads you from where you begin in this life to your final destination. Has your journey been Easy Street, a little bumpy, or like climbing Everest? 

As pressure turns sand into a diamond, likewise, the journey you travel helps to hone your personal story. There are many ways to tell a story, however, it is when you learn to tell your story from a place of power that you can empower others. 

Do you share your personal story in your business? Your path can be a great gift to your clients. Your ideal client is attracted to you because she sees a version of herself in your journey from a more fractured self to wholeness. 

The Essence of Authenticity

At the deepest level, your Dao is who you are at your center, a combination of your core values and spiritual beliefs. When you live and lead from the place of your highest calling you are able to generate transformation, in your own life and in the lives of those around you. 

This level is energetic and about fully coming into your being.  Knowledge of who you are – your authentic self – is required to live at this level. Do you know your highest values? Are you living and working each day in service to those? If not, hire a coach, get clear and use your precious life force to live from this place. 

The quality of your energy (chi, prana or The Force to Star Wars fans) and how it flows through your life is critical. Do you engage in activities that raise your energy, like time in nature, viewing art or listening to uplifting music? Are your home and office supportive spaces? Are you committed to a spiritual practice? A life of integrity and authenticity is high vibration. Up yours.

Find your way, your Dao. Get yourself on the road, the path and the essence of you. You, and your clients, deserve the most authentic you.

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