9 Ways to Connect with Your Internal Wisdom

Connect with Your Internal Wisdom

Connect with Your Internal Wisdom


Article by Claire Porter
Photo Credit: Brigette Muller
Magazine: Issue #18

The options are infinite. Which direction do we take?

Deep within each of us is an innate knowledge of life and what is best for us individually. Being truly connected with this internal wisdom leads to living a higher existence - filled with more peace and joy and less anxiety and disappointment.  

Gain greater access to your own internal wisdom by utilizing these nine methods to heighten intuition.

Relish your time alone. Set aside time to spend solo and to practice self-awareness by learning to detect your own desires and reactions.

Purge your mind. We’re inundated constantly with information - good and bad. Journaling is a great way to let out information that’s cluttering your internal space and, at the same time, draw the beneficial and healthy thoughts to the surface.

Breathe, deeply. Highly effective at detoxifying the whole body, deep breathing also calms the nervous system. When you slow your breath, you allow new life force to permeate your being. Your heart rate slows, stress and anxiety weaken. By reducing stress, we reduce resistance and allow flow. Your intuition is better accessed when you’re in a state of allowing.

Spend time in nature. Find time for a 20-minute walk to take in the environment, feel the grass or sand beneath your feet, breathe fresh air. Make the connection with nature to help spark the connection with self.

Meditate. Making a conscious decision to set aside even five minutes for comfortable, quiet, inward focus is calming. With eyes closed, aim to easily allow thoughts to float past. Meditation brings you closer to your intuition by carving a clear path to your subconscious over time.

Find a sleeping schedule that most suits you. It is during sleep that our body rejuvenates. Reduce taxation with quality sleep. When your mind is fresh and clear, your intuition is most lucid.

Eat clean foods. Just like we are inundated with information, our bodies can become cluttered with unhealthy foods and toxins. Eat well and take note of how your body reacts. When your body functions with more energy and strength, so does your intuition.

Create. We are each highly inventive beings;  find your outlet of expression. Whether through sport, conversation, dance, art, or by any activity that lights you up, explore your personal and enjoyable ways to be the creative being you are. 

Move your body. Use your movements to connect to your center - physically and emotionally, to be flexible, strong, and open. Move to communicate with your intuition.  

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