The Secret to Finding the Best Mentor

{The Ultimate Success Strategies}

Article by Marinna Rose
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The Secret To Finding The Best Mentor

The Secret To Finding The Best Mentor

If you have read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, then you know the importance he places on mentoring. Napoleon’s conclusion was that, if you want to grow beyond where you are presently in any area of your life, mentoring is a must to proceed in a timely fashion. 

I cannot stress enough to you how important mentorship is. Once I made the decision to take action and hire a mentor, my life changed tremendously, as if all-of-a-sudden I was in the flow with the Universe for the first time; we were in sync and synchronicities became a norm in my life…Keep reading if you want the secret, it’s not all about the mentor…  

There are many factors that Napoleon mentions on importance of mentorship, but I want to address the top 3 Success Strategies:

Success Strategy 1| Always Listen to your IGS
IGS stands for Internal Guidance System. Simply put, your gut instinct or your intuition. This needs to become your #1 mentor before any other mentor in your life. Being able to respect your mentor’s teachings, yet being able to discern what is best for you in the end. Using your IGS is imperative to your success and moving forward. Being able to tap into this innate knowledge of your soul is one of the more important strategies you should use in everything you do.

Success Strategy 2| Hire a Mentor that Values Himself or Herself
Remember you are hiring a mentor to emulate their energy, their values, and their genius. If your mentor is not currently valuing himself or herself by asking what they are worth, then how do you expect to ask for what you are worth? If the person that is guiding you has a hard time doing it, then you might want to ask yourself if they are the right mentor for you. 

There are a lot of mentors that are still having a hard time valuing themselves and what they have to offer. This becomes contagious and you may find it hard to value yourself or your work for your mentor will be guiding you from a place of lack. 

When you are unable to see your worth than the world does not see it either. 

Hire someone that has a good sense of value, self love and self-worth. You can always learn other pieces you need from others, but this one is something that can not be learned it has to be cracked open and only a great mentor can guide your inner self-worth out to shine to the world. After that everything starts falling into place.

Success Strategy 3| Making Authenticity your Mantra
There are a lot of mentors out there that are not authentic. They may put on a face that they are at first, until you find out that their whole program was someone else’s, just tweaked to use as their own. 

Do your research on the mentors you want to work with. Start with connecting to your own IGS and see what it tells you- you know your first instinct is usually correct. When you feel that uneasy feeling when someone talks about something… This is your IGS in overdrive screaming run the other way!

Authenticity is key. This will be the key to your own success in life and business and it is key in finding the perfect mentor.

When they are not connecting with you at your level and come off as too perfect, they are inauthentic. They are not confident in what they do, so they can’t be authentic. When a mentor is confident in who they are and what they do there is no need for them to be inauthentic. They simply know that by being their authentic true selves, what needs to be said and created will be.

As you can see, these 3 Success Strategies are not just for hiring a mentor, they are also success strategies to live by on a daily basis. 

I want to leave you with one last thought… You are the best mentor that money can by. You know your needs better than anyone else, no matter their education or experience. Always trust your IGS, but be open to mentorship, for it is a must to take you beyond your comfort zone- and this is where the magic happens!

Here’s to YOU, the best mentor you can find and being open to the magic of what unfolds by working with the right mentor.

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