The Secret Wisdom of a Flow Creative

The Secret Wisdom of a Flow Creative

The Secret Wisdom of a Flow Creative


Article by Jennifer Nesbit Holt
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #28

The words 'collective consciousness' come to mind when I think about the definition of a Flow Creative. But not in the way you think. A true artist embodies the ability to observe the world and collect a lifetime of data to skillfully see the relations and inner workings of life itself. As creativity pushes you further and further out of the confines of social rules and acceptance, you gain a balanced wisdom and inner knowingness.

Creativity might require a new way of looking at things but don't let times of challenge fool you. You are still a mighty source of creative flow and a true visionary.

So what is a Flow Creative?  

A Flow Creative is someone who wisely accepts an evolution of her life-cycles of creativity, as well as the dedication and persistence of the process itself. Revision, repetition and iteration (Returning time and time again to the creative process to birth a final truth).

Being a Flow Creative means that you create for your message, for your mission.

...and it means being able to find the flow in every second with an endless supply of insatiable curiosity to create.

It's creating pieces of art that has immeasurable and infinite value and energy.

It's being unforgettable when you confidently show up to the world, creating in a way that transforms you and those around you from the inside, out.

Embarking on a quest for artistic freedom is not without sacrifice, but it is in those impermanent, fleeting times your process is preserved and captured taking an, otherwise, intangible idea into a collective reality. More and more wisdom is gained and the bridge between life and art is built. As hard as it is to digest, disturbance is essential to your process. Transformation cannot be planned, yet an acceptance of a breakdown of ideas (and maybe even your psyche) is crucial to producing. These are the times we feel blocked or broken and fearful of our existence as an artist. 

The secret is to ride out the feelings and not abandon the work. Although potentially shattered, remember to continue the simple interplay of your materials, your space and your inner artist. Disequilibrium is just as cyclical as equilibrium, look deeper to discover the courage to continue.

Healing power resides in your art. Your creativity is the source of a therapeutic imagination for the creator, as well as the recipient. You are a Flow Creative!

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