How to Build an Engaged Audience with Radical Authenticity


Article by Natalia Komis

How to Build an Engaged Audience with Radical Authenticity

How to Build an Engaged Audience with Radical Authenticity

We, humans, are taking back control of our purchasing power and making conscious decisions about who we do and don’t do business with. We’re all doing it. Whether you want to support the smaller business, the more holistic one, or the one that’s more ethical or in-tune with your needs. We’re not just paying for anything anymore. We’re thinking about it.

Which is funny really, don’t you think? There’s so much content out there flashing in front of us every second of every day. We’re getting bored easily and we want things fast. Yet, despite all of this, there’s a new buyer on the market - one that actually cares about who they’re buying from and why.

This is what we’re going to talk about today. The who and the why - because that’s the key to building your audience. The truth is, building your audience has little to do with your marketing spend and your sales funnel and everything to do with you. With being real, honest and radically authentic. Let’s go as far as saying it’s about being innovative with the truth. You don’t have to create a brand new innovative product, you just need to be relatable. With a world full of fake stories and false truths, all people want is real life.

So how can you be radically authentic and build your brand at the same time?

1 :: People want to know who they’re talking to
We’re always told you have to have a brand voice, use the same language in all your marketing. Well, let me tell you something here - there’s no point having a brand voice if it’s not anyone’s actual voice. Who are you representing exactly? The easiest and most authentic way to build your audience and to get them engaged is to build your personal brand. Your audience want to get to know you, they want to know who they’re talking to - see you and hear you. There’s no excuse not to now, what with video and podcasts and Facebook live streams right at your fingertips.

2 :: Talk about the things you’d naturally want to shy away from
People want to find out about the real stories behind your business and the brand. Not what you want to put out there, but what you don’t want to put out there. They want to be able to laugh with you and cry with you and see a part of themselves in the business.

3 :: Value is key
We all want to learn more now. There is so much free knowledge out there that unless you give something real, honest and a true representation of you it’s not going to stick. What you put out there has to be of value to your target audience, your kismet client. This is the age of learning, of discovery and of freedom to be who we really are. There are no right or wrong rules in this game. It’s all or nothing.

4 :: You don’t need to be a great copywriter-- you need to be an honest storyteller
There is actual science in this too. Research has shown that through storytelling our human brain gets right down to our core,  influencing both our sensory and motor cortex - in other words allowing it to fully resonate and affect body and soul. When we hear or read a story we feel an experience and synchronize our mind and energy with the subject of the story. We connect. That connection builds trust and trust builds engagement and loyalty. So you see it isn’t about writing good copy, it’s about telling an honest story that people can connect with and that is inspired by the people you want to connect with.

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