3 Inexpensive Ways to Unleash Your Inner Style Icon


Written By: Eyenie Schultz     Photo Credit: Dasha and Mari

OK, so first things first: Let’s go ahead and accept that you’re a Visionary! You’ve up to HUGE things in this world, you’re changing lives, and building an empire. 

If you think about it, you’ve likely done a ton of inner work on mindset, wealth consciousness, and I would bet that you’ve devoured loads of self-realization, business, health and new age books. 

This means you’re constantly expanding and growing and elevating yourself on so many levels! And sometimes, it can take awhile for part of us – like what we wear – to catch up.

One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration and start acting like the woman you know you’re destined to be is to dress the part! It’s visual, immediate and tangible! Plus, it usually comes with oodles of accolades and compliments, which isn’t what we’re after, but it sure is welcome, am I right?!

So, here are 3 ways you can start dressing like the ICONIC Visionary you are, using what you have already:

1.)    Figure out what you actually like, instead of wearing what you think you should wear. Buy a few magazines and rip pages out to build a collage of ideas and inspiration. Start a Pinterest board and go nuts with keywords of things you dig and see what materializes for you. Spend an hour at a coffee shop just people watching and see what and who draws your attention and why. Even go to some dreamy stores and allow yourself to try some stuff on to see how it feels. Guaranteed, it will expand your horizons!

2.)    Get rid of anything in your closet that makes you feel how you don’t want to feel – whether it brings up memories, doesn’t fit anymore, or is just not something you reach for. Clearing out makes room for more of what you do want – ideas, inspiration and even clothes!

3.)    When you’re getting dressed in the morning, ask yourself, “What would Dream Me wear today?!” and choose what you wear from that space. You’ll notice yourself taking more risks, exploring and taking things to that next level more easily!

Doing these regularly will keep you open to what’s possible for you, and you’ll be strutting your ICONIC Style in no time flat!

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