3 Success Strategies to Get Over Failure

3 Success Strategies to Get Over Failure

3 Success Strategies to Get Over Failure


Article by Marinna Rose
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #28

Have you ever had a dream that you took massive action to attain and it did not happen? This has happened to me more times than I can remember, but the part that I remember most is the Aftermath!

We have a tendency to only be able to wrap our minds around more realistic goals and dreams. What we forget is that Universal Intelligence knows exactly what is for our highest best, and usually this is way beyond what our minds can fathom. 

So when you take massive action towards your goal and it does not happen, know in that moment that the Universe is interfering on purpose. It is really saying to you that you can achieve higher, so don’t settle.

Even though in that moment we cannot imagine something better, or think of a reason for why it did not come to fruition. We feel deflated, depressed; frustrated…to us it’s our goal and so not just settling!

Sometimes we need to simply “Sit tight, trust and allow.” Yes, this is the guidance I was downloaded the other day on my walk. These 3 steps reminded me of all the times I became the Phoenix rising from the ashes in the aftermath of loosing. I always ended up with something bigger and more perfect than my mind could ever conceive. In that process gained strength and inner power that could never be taken away.

Success Strategy  #1 - Sit Tight

Of course we are talking about after you have taken massive action. Sit tight does not mean give up or do nothing. It means don’t over analyze, don’t be deflated, and don’t let frustration get the best of you.

It is imperative that you keep your vibration and frequency as high as you can through this process. It needs to be in the resonance as if you are just about to attain that goal. If not you will start to repel the bigger goal that the Universe had in mind for you in the first place! 

We don’t want you to repel what is meant for you. So remember when you are licking your wounds that the longer you stay here, the longer and further your dream will be to come to you.


Success Strategy #2 - Trust

You must be able to trust the process. Don’t hold onto the goal so tight that you suffocate the life right out of it. Or allow your emotions to get the best of you ruling the situation, holding on for dare life thinking this is your only option or opportunity.

This is your ego speaking to you, telling you this is your last chance. Not true, it could not be farther from the truth. 

You must be in awareness enough to recognize when to walk away. Let’s just say when your health becomes at risk that is a sure sign!

Trust that the Universe has your back at and is supporting you at all times. Trust that you gave it everything you had to get there and that was the very best that you could do.  

In this trust the frustration fades into the past, there is no more need to analyze, you simply fall into the knowing that everything is in perfect divine order for your highest and best life to unfold.

Success Strategy #2 -Allow

Allowing the whole process to flow through you from beginning to end is the key! Allow the frustration to come, but usher it out through your body just as fast as it showed up. Keep it moving. Go for a run, walk anything you can do that releases it. While you are releasing this energy feel yourself replacing it with hopeful excited energy again, trusting that it is just around the corner.

By being in a state of allowing you are not being dormant, you are staying balanced with your emotions and being aware of the next opportunity.

So important to keep your awareness In doing this you will be welcoming the new opportunity allowing it into your life with open arms!

In every loss there is a winner. For everything has it’s ying and yang, negative and positive. You become successful in everything when you master the art of success in the aftermath of loosing.

Now that you have mastered the art of success in the aftermath of loosing, be prepared to take massive action again. This time around you’ll have this priceless life experience, knowledge and inner strength that guides you fearlessly.

Remember, don’t be defeated just “Sit Tight, Trust and Allow.”  

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