9 Practices For a Better Business & Higher Self

Better Business & Higher Self

Better Business & Higher Self


Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #28

The list of struggles when starting or operating your own business is long depending on how you approach and view your business plan. I could write about these struggles in detail for days and not cover all of them. There is only one struggle that should be addressed so that all others will be diminished greatly. One thing I have learned since being introduced to Reiki as a Master/Teacher is that everything is energy and amazing amount of this energy is within your control. With controlling this energy you have the ability to reach your higher self, a wonderful tool for self-improvement in life and business.

Two huge struggles when starting or running a business are self-doubt and taking advice from those around you who may be negative about your dreams of solving problems. Everyone reading this will understand exactly what I’m talking about if you own or are starting a business. The daily decisions of your business plan will leave you with doubt at almost every turn and those who fear for your failure or many others reasons, will tell you don’t take risks. These two reasons alone are enough to grasp the knowledge and practice on tuning into your higher self. This alone is your connection to your inner wisdom, which is connected to all universal energies and this is a place that holds every answer that you will need to succeed in business and life. We are wired for this and all have the ability to tap into our higher self, if only we practice. 

In the process of accessing your higher self, some of the best practices are to...

1| Believe in that fact that your inner wisdom is already in you and connected to energy that is all things, or the divine if you will. It is in you and you can find it and access it with practice.

2| Remove for a moment the materialistic world and enter into the spiritual world. You want to explore your conscious and subconscious.

3| Make time for yourself alone, in order to hear your inner voice. This allows you to make room for your higher self to connect without a cluttered mind.

4| Become one with your inner voice, hold conversations. It will most certainly have the right answers.

5| Meditate if even for only a few moments a day.

6| Ask yourself every day, no matter what daily life or business activities may be, what you have learned today? Never stop learning.

7| Pay attention to your dreams, when daily stress and activities are removed from your mind, your inner voice speaks. Journal these dreams, we all dream about our businesses, don’t we? A surprising business plan, or at least part of it came to me while sleeping.

8| Focus more on the present, planning is great but the present is happening every minute. The practice of being conscious of every present moment without the concern of what has already happened and what will happen is just golden.

9| Be patient reaching and connecting with your higher self does not happen quickly for some. It is a process. Your higher self is always there just be patient and conscious of how to connect. Only then will you get the true support you need in all aspects of life and business.

It is with these practices that I have been able to contact my higher self and make business and life decisions that I already know the answers to that otherwise would have been changed by self-doubt and negative advice. We all want to succeed in business and as visionaries and change makers we do have the answers in us, we just need to make a direct connection to them. One more lesson learned from being attuned to Reiki.

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